I don’t know about you guys but my poor husband is racking his brain on what to get me for my birthday and Christmas (which are stupidly close together) because everything on my wish list is expensive. I want a mountain bike, a paddle board, a new snowboard jacket, and a trip to Hawaii. I already have almost everything I need so what I want is the extra fun stuff that I can’t afford.  My family members are asking me for a realistic list as well, so I wrote out a list of what I really wanted and then figured out what affordable gifts are similar.

Paddle Board

(Average price $1000-$2000) I’ve wanted a paddle board since 2009 but haven’t had the extra grand to put down on a piece of recreational equipment. Every year poor Ryan gets this request. If this is on your list but you don’t want to ask for something so expensive, try asking for a rental punch pass or SUP yoga lesson.


Paddle board rental ($25 for 3 hours) / SUP yoga lesson ($40)

Since SUP yoga and rentals don’t exist in Lethbridge I found places in Canmore to do it.

Trip to Hawaii


All I ever want to do is go to Hawaii so when people ask what I want, that’s the answer! Not exactly realistic though is it? So here are a few other options I will ask for instead.


Trip to Arizona ($500-$1000) / Gift certificate for hot yoga ($18+) / plumeria scented lotions ($46)/ coconut scented candle ($25)

Allegient Air out of Great Falls (3 hours from Lethbridge) offers winter weekend specials to Vegas or Arizona all the time. This is a much lower cost option for a warm getaway. Hot yoga saved me last winter, so a gift card would be great to make sure I go regularly this winter.

Snowboard Coat


Oh man do I ever need a new coat! But I’m not about to ask one of my family members to buy me one so instead I can add a few smaller items.


snowboard gloves ($50) / goggles ($40)/ iPod shuffle ($60)



This is no longer on my list because a friend is lending me hers but a lot of my friends would like treadmills but don’t have the budget for it. Here are some other running options to ask for instead. I found an article on the best winter running shoes because for winter running you want more grip out of your shoes.


Saucony Xodus 4.0 GTX running shoes ($100),  Under Armor face mask ($30) , Under Armor ColdGear Leggings ($50)

Mountain Bike

There isn’t much- someone better be buying me a mountain bike this year! Ha ha! I don’t even need a fancy one to start off with, a cheap beginners bike is just fine.

Tired of borrowing- I want a bike of my own!

Tired of borrowing- I want a bike of my own!

So there you have my pared down list of gifts for friends and family this year.

Check out my list of Gifts under $30 list for hikers.


  • Adventure to Anywhere December 9, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    I love this post…great ideas to reduce cost and still get a taste of what you love. <3

    • Betty LIVIN December 10, 2014 at 8:26 am

      Exactly! I hope my family finds this helpful and it’s a good exercise for everyone when asked what they want for Christmas.


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