Winter Fit is a series where I interview Canadian fitness/outdoors bloggers and get a first hand look into how they stay fit and motivated during the long cold winter months.

This week, we’re talking to Kaella from Kaella on the Run. It’s funny because I knew Kaella through our work before I found her blog, so it was cool when I found her. This working mom inspires me because she somehow manages a full time job, with a regular running schedule and her little boy London.


Introduce yourself 

Hi, I’m Kaella and I blog at “Kaella On The Run” about my two loves, my two-year-old son London and running.

Where do you live and what are your winters like?

I live in Lethbridge, Alberta. I would call our winters harsh but I did grow up in Vancouver, British Columbia where I didn’t need to own a “real” winter jacket, Sorels or car with a block heater! It is cold but, thankfully, we do get Chinooks to break things up.¬† If you haven’t heard of a Chinook, it’s basically a warm wind from the west coast that can flip the temperature from -20 to +20 and melt a food or snow in a day.

How do stay motivated in the dark, gloomy winter months to stick to a fitness routine?

I stay motivated to work out in the winter because it’s a part of my lifestyle. If it’s cold, I stick to the treadmill for my workout.¬† I did run a race in -43 weather once. I was too stubborn to stay home since I had already paid for it. I ended up running a mile (instead of 3) and calling it a day. My eye lashes were frozen and I couldn’t feel my toes. I don’t recommend doing that unless you’re dress properly (which I honestly thought I was!! Ha Ha!)

Hard core! I would have bailed if it was that cold on race day

Hard core! I would have bailed if it was that cold on race day

Do you do any winter activities?

My go-to activity in the winter is running. I don’t run if it’s dark or icy so I decided to invest in a treadmill about two years ago. It’s been a life-saver! It’s also an excuse to catch up on all the television shows and movies I don’t have time to watch because my toddler keeps me busy. I also have lots of workout DVD’s (Focus T25, Jillian Michaels etc) that I pop in if I need to switch things up and a basic set of weights, a kettle bell, yoga mat and exercise ball I use.

I took London skating last winter and he loved it. I’m hoping we can hit the rink a lot more now that he’s older (and able to wear real skates!)

Do you have a healthy comfort food recipe to share?

I rely on my crock-pot a lot in the winter. My go-to recipe is chicken breasts with potatoes and carrots. I top the chicken with salsa and shred it once it’s done (about 6-8 hours on low.) It’s easy, health and delicious!

What advice would you give for someone struggling to get up and moving during the winter when hibernation mode sets in?

If you’re struggling for motivation in the winter I would say find something you love to do. Take a group fitness class, try out a new gym, recruit friends to go skating, skiing or snowshoeing. Once you find something you love (and it may be different from what your friends love) you are more likely to keep doing it. Most of my friends think I’m crazy for loving running as much as I do but they enjoy other things I don’t. Plus, the weather shouldn’t be an excuse. There are lots of things you can do, in your home, with no equipment and you can even stay in your pajamas haha!

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  • KaellaOnTheRun January 7, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Thank you for including me in your series!!! I’m so glad I found your blog too! You inspire me to step outside of my running bubble and try something new and to follow my heart! I think 2015 is going to be a big year for you!!


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