If you follow my twitter you have seen that I was extremely honoured to be named as one of three rad ladies for Winter 2015 Miss Mountain Obsession. My little sister nominated me and I couldn’t believe I was selected, especially after reading about the other two who are in my opinion, way more bad ass than I am!

The mission of Mountain Obsession is to create a welcoming tribe whose members share quality outdoor content in order to inspire new adventures, promote environmental stewardship and encourage the spread of the “live life to the fullest” mentality.

Miss Mountain Obsession is  a partnership between Mountain Obsession and MTNBABES that features one MTNBABE who has been nominated by friends. The section features a profile of an inspiring MTNBABE, some photos of her kicking ass in the outdoors, an interview and any social media / project she wishes to share and some swag!

With that, I’ll introduce the three Miss Mountain Obsessions.

Rachel Richards (me!)


Hometown: Fort McMurray, AB

Home base of Nominee: Magrath, AB

Age of Nominee: 29 (30 now)

Favourite / Main Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Outdoor Activities (list): Hiking, Running, Snowboarding, X-Country Skiing, Snow-shoeing

My sisters nomination article

My interview with Mountain Obsession

My favourite quote from the interview

Alyse Dietel


Birthplace of Nominee: San Jose, California

Home base of Nominee: Flagstaff, Arizona

Age of Nominee: 21

Favourite / Main Outdoor Activity: Rock climbing

Outdoor Activities (list): Rock climbing, Hiking, Backpacking, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, Camping

Alyse is so amazing I can’t even handle it!

“About two years ago she was hiking and fell 80 ft off a cliff. She broke her spine in two places, shattered her pelvis, snapped her tailbone, collapsed a lung, smashed a kidney, and fractured an ankle. The doctors weren’t sure if she would walk again. She had been climbing for 12 years and competing nationally for the last 8, and now she couldn’t even wiggle her toes.

Paralyzed from the waist-down, she was wheelchair – bound for 4 months and pushed herself every day in and out of physical therapy. She was so determined to climb again that she became an insomniac, forgoing sleep to re-learn how to walk. At 5 months she stood, and at 6 she was walking again.. Now two years later she’s climbing and crushing.”

Alyse’s nomination article

Alyse’s  interview with Mountain Obsession

Morgan Peirce


Birthplace of Nominee: American Fork, UT

Home base of Nominee:  Berkeley, CA

Age of Nominee: 25

Favourite / Main Outdoor Activity: Tie between climbing and fly fishing

Outdoor Activities (list):  Route climbing, multi-pitch and alpine climbing, bouldering, fly fishing, backpacking, snowboarding, cross country skiing, kayaking …

Morgan is another awesome outdoors chick and she’s an avid fisherwoman, which I love to see since it is such a male dominated hobby.

Morgan’s nomination article

Morgan’s  interview with Mountain Obsession

Thanks again Mountain Obsession for sharing my obsession for all things outdoors!


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  • alannahgamblinjensen March 17, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Awesome! Maybe us new Camspite Gals can join the next time around!!? Ha!
    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! I see Jen sent our digits! Fist pump!

    • Betty LIVIN March 17, 2015 at 10:12 am

      Hey Alannah! Yeah It should be an awesome time Saturday!


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