I need to stop my Food FOMO (fear of missing out). I know when my family gathers around a hot, cheesy pizza, I feel like I’m missing out big time. When a friend orders an ice cream cone I look at it lustily and start to drool.

While I really dislike having food intolerances (dairy & gluten) that I didn’t even develop until my mid-20s (you can read the years long saga HERE) it’s been a great way to force me to eat healthier.

But even after two years of cutting it out I still miss my favourite foods; pizza, ice cream and cheeseburgers  and I talk about missing them all the time! I’ll stare longingly at a dish I can’t eat and ask friends for a bite to “savour the flavour.” Sometimes I’ll just “take the stomach ache” and eat what I want and chug ginger ale in remorse after.

I have to stop this Food FOMO!

Stop talking about it

My friends and family all know about my intolerances because whenever we go out for lunch I complain. I need to stop doing that and just accept things are what they are and move on with my life.

Stop “Taking the Stomach Ache”

This is a bad one. I do this…a lot! Especially when it comes to chocolate. Sweet, creamy, milk chocolate. I always think when I’m eating it that it’s worth it but it never is afterward! My husband is good at preventing me from eating stuff I shouldn’t because he hates hearing me complain about my stomach after.

Stop wishing it away

It’s not going to magically disappear on it’s own so I need to accept it. A lot of acceptance needs to happen here.

Stop getting upset when it takes me awhile to find a snack I can eat

This one drives me nuts! When I’m starving and want something quick, it can be really difficult to find something satisfying. I have been known to get hangry and I complain about how I want to drive thru and get a burger.

Basically, this is all a mental battle. I have to stop these self destructive behaviours and just accept things as they are. I’m a healthy 30 year old female, so what if I can’t eat ice cream or pizza? I am fortunate to live in a country of plenty and there are so many other options available to me.

So to sum up- I am hoping this is the last time any of my readers, friends, and family will have to hear about my food woes because I’m stopping the complain train now!

Thank you for reading my rant. I’m sure there are eye rolls because I always get those when I say the ‘G’ word.

And just to end on a laugh, I had a good one over this video!


  • Danielle March 26, 2015 at 5:49 am

    I have a friend who recently figured out she is lactose intolerant (and I believe gluten intolerant). I can only imagine how hard it can be if you have been eating all sorts of food throughout your life. Way to go taking control, an not letting it ruin your day anymore.

  • kelsnsher March 26, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Ok that video is hilarious!!! Second, I don’t have any intolerances so can’t relate to that part, but I like your advice of food fomo. My problem is that if someone offers me food and I’m not hungry but it looks delicious, I get major food fomo. Seriously my brain acts like there are zero more cookies in the entire world if I don’t eat that one lol. Not quite the same as actually NOT being able to eat it, but relatable none the same. Thanks for joinin the club!

    • Betty LIVIN March 26, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      It’s amazing how emotionally connected we are to food! It’s like a friend! Ha ha

  • Joanna @ LivingMintGreen March 27, 2015 at 10:31 am

    That gluten vid makes me laugh so much! Hahahaha. I think I’ve watched it 4 times. I had food FOMO last weekend, caved and seriously regretted it afterwards. I was sick for 3 days afterwards. (Eggs. Cookie dough. Felt like I needed it & in the moment I didn’t care). I’ll probably do it again at some point, not gonna lie. Hahahahaha

    • Betty LIVIN March 30, 2015 at 8:37 am

      It’s SO HARD to say no to tasty foods despite the consequences of eating it afterward though. Food is soooooo yummy!


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