Spring Friday Fitness

Whoops! I was so excited about my Vegas weekend that I forgot to post this last Friday!

Friday- 1.72 mile Walk

Friday I joined Cat and her kidlets for a lunchtime walk around Henderson Lake and it was nippy! It had been so nice that morning but clouds and a cool wind rolled in by lunch. I was supposed to go on an after work run with Quinn but convinced her to go out to dinner instead. Like I said last week, I’m a fair weather runner.

 Saturday- Nothing

I walked A LOT at the Calgary Outdoor Adventure Show but not enough to make up for sitting 3 hours there and back in one day. I did get to try SUP yoga for like 5 minutes and I can imagine what a crazy awesome workout that is for an hour!!

Sunday- 6 mile run/walk

It's a slow mile time, but I'm happy I covered the mileage!

It’s a slow mile time, but I’m happy I covered the mileage!

The weather was nice so the dogs and I hit my favourite irrigation service road for a long run/walk. I am not a natural distance runner and I’m starting to wonder if it will ever get easier but I’m sticking with it. Plus it was nice to be outside in the sun and let the dogs run and swim and wear themselves right out.

 Monday- 30 minutes Lunchtime Yoga Stretch

I always feel so darn good after a lunchtime yoga I don’t know why I’m not doing it every day. I was super tight from the long run the day before and this really helped stretch everything. And yes, I did it in a tiny storeroom in the basement. Ha ha!

1.5 mile run/walk in 20 minutes

I really want to push  myself on speed so I’m going to do at least one Tempo run a week.

Tuesday- 40 minutes Elliptical

I had time to kill before my BodyPump Class at Goodlife so I did something I haven’t done in eyars, I got on the elliptical with a couple magazines. It was so nice to stride along at an easy pace while reading Shape magazines. I stopped doing that years ago because “it wasn’t a good enough workout” but it was a nice way to kill time and warm up for class.

BodyPump 60 minutes 

When I joined Goodlife, the main appeal was the Les Mills classes. My mom does Body Attack religiously and she is one fit lady! This class was PACKED! I counted 31 women in that little fitness studio. We ran out of weights so I we had to share with our neighbours. I used to go to this class all the time a couple years ago and I forgot how tough it is! I worked until I was completely fatigued!

Wednesday- Nothing

This comes from over scheduling yourself! In one evening I had a meeting with our pet sitter, dinner at my grandparents, and rinks with the girls. Where do you squeeze in a workout in all that? Whoops!

Thursday- Lunchtime walk 1.8 miles

Cat, Olive, Kevin and I enjoyed a windy walk at lunch!

Coming soon- a recap of my first trip to Vegas! Have a great week everybody!



  • fromtrextotigress March 30, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    I really have to try body pump. Looks like a well-rounded strength workout.

    • Betty LIVIN March 31, 2015 at 9:37 am

      BodyPump is crazy awesome! I push myself so much harder in that class than I ever would on my own!


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