Goodlife Fitness is hosting an online campaign,  #sexysmartstrong as a way to cultivate a community of Canadians who are leading healthy and happy lives.

To me, anyone with self confidence embodies this movement. I am not the most fit woman, or the smartest, and certainly not the sexiest but do you know what makes me #sexysmartstrong? My confidence! My attitude!

I’ve always been blessed with healthy self esteem and even in my brutal teen years I would squash down self doubts to be a strong and confident teen. I credit that to sports and  how invincible I felt. When you’re physically strong, it’s easier to be mentally strong.

If you visit their page Sexy, Smart, Strong you’ll find a couple different fun aspects.

Alter Egos


This is a fun quiz that gets to know you and your workout style and suggest a Les Mills class and recipe that suits your personality. I got the humming bird which desacribes me to a ‘T’. The class that was suggested for me is SH’BAM which is a dance based fitness class which I would LOVE! But my fitness studio here in Lethbridge doesn’t offer it which is a bummer.

Win a Trip to Jamaica

The movement is also selecting a winner to sent to Jamaica. I’m a sucker for free trips so of course I entered!

Profiles of #sexysmartstrong people

The movement also does profiles of people and their fitness loves, social media links and hobbies. So far my fave is of Silken Laumann, a 4 time Olympic rower. I’m such an Olympics nerd!

What makes you #sexysmartstrong?

What makes you feel good about yourself?

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program,however all opinions expressed are my own.

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