Spring Friday Fitness

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 3 mile run

I meant to run 5 miles but I am a wimp when it comes to the cold! It was a warm day but the chilly air hurt my lungs so I cut my run short. I’m still struggling with speeding up my pace though and ran a 12:45 min/mile pace. Hopefully I’ll get some good tips at the Heart Not Hype camp next week.


Sunday- Nothing

Monday- Short dog walk 0.37 miles

Despite the Easter snow, I thought it would be a good idea to take the dogs for a long walk. It was SO muddy that we only lasted 9 minutes and my shoes were soaking wet and caked in mud and the dogs were filthy.

Not cool mother nature!

Not cool mother nature!

Filthy dog

Filthy dog

Tuesday- Nothing

Wednesday– Nothing

Thursday- Short run to and from social event- 1.72 miles total

I went to a belated Easter gathering and since it was so nice opted to run there and back.

Run there- 1.13 miles, 12:42, 11:17 min/mile pace

On the way back however, it was dark, cold, and I had drank a half bottle of wine so I asked Ryan to meet me at the trail head.

Walk back- 0.59 miles, 10:45, 18:05 min/mile

Picture I took on the way back! Ha ha ha

Picture I took on the way back! Ha ha ha

So that was my lame week! I am going to die at camp next week! Ha ha ha!

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