I am one for contests! I haven’t even had the time to begin to write about my amazing experience in L.A. with 2XU last week and I’m already working on another contest. I came home to an email saying Rocky and I were a Top 15 finalist for the Live Your Kurgo Adventure contest!

Kurgo is a supplier of dog travel supplies and accessories for active dogs and they are sponsoring the Live Your Kurgo Adventure; an opportunity to for adventurous dogs and their people to receive a $5,000 sponsorship to help them pursue an amazing adventure in 2015.  Rocky and I applied for the chance to hike the developed portion of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland!

Why the East Coast trail? It is 256 km of coastal hiking where one can see icebergs and whales. The trail is dotted with small communities and I have ALWAYS wanted to check out the islands! Rocky being a water loving lab, wants to go so he can swim every day!

spout_path_iceberg east-coast-trail-newfoundland

What I need you readers to do is VISIT OUR PAGE and vote for us to win!

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