You know how people like to relax on vacations? Lounge about, read a book, take a leisurely stroll? Not me! I had my Fitbit on this past week and I never once failed to log more than the daily recommended 10,000 steps. I averaged 5 -10 miles of walking A DAY! And that was with only one actual run/workout!

But now it’s back to real life and balancing work with unpacking with softball with kids baseball with regular workouts. Phew! I get tired just saying it aloud. Let’s review my week shall we?

Friday- 5.1 miles

Just lots of walking!  I spent the morning walking around the beach on a ferry adventure and that evening was the wedding rehearsal and dinner.


Dance! Dance! I had to take my fitbit off for the wedding but I can only imagine the steps/calories burned dancing up a storm at the wedding!

Sunday- Nothing

Spent 13 hours in the car on the way home. Yeesh!

Monday- Nothing

First day back at work and had to spend the evening unpacking the bare necessities. (Did I mention that we bought a new house? Hmm…. I think a post is pending on that one!)

Tuesday- Sprint workout

I hate distance running. I just hate it. I miss how string and fast and powerful I felt as a sprinter so while in Seattle I found a sprint coach who is helping me whip my butt back into shape! The workout today included 6 X 200 metres and man was I ever huffing and puffing!

Wednesday- 2.75 miles lunchtime run

Thursday – Sprint workout

Did 2 miles of in-and-outs. I would jog for 100 m then sprint at about 80% for 100m for 8 laps round the track. I felt so good! I am definitely meant for sprinting and not distance running because my legs felt fantastic!

I love sprinting because I feel l'm flying!

I love sprinting because I feel l’m flying!

Weights @ Goodlife 

Hit he gym for bench, dead lifts, steps up, etc. It felt sooooo good to go back to lifting heavy. I love BodyPump but I seem to prefer doing fewer reps at a heavier weight.

So there was my week! I think overall it was a good one.

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  • Kaella (KaellaOnTheRun) May 8, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Congratulations on the new house purchase!! Yes, you need a post on that!!!

    I’m going to Body Pump next Thursday if you want to join 🙂


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