Summer Friday Fitness

I just hate it when works gets in the way of my workouts! I told my husband I’m ready to just quit working so it will stop taking up so much of my precious time. Ha ha!

Friday- Off

Saturday- 10 km Hike

Saturday we took on Mt. Hosmer (full recap coming) which was short (5k each way) but STEEP! That damn hike was a fairly steep incline the whole time.

This was about the incline the whole way up!

This was about the incline the whole way up!

We were in Fernie for the weekend and racked up almost 11 miles walking by the river, around town and on our hike.

Sunday- 5 km Hike

There was no climbing on this hike, it was a leisurely stroll through the woods with the dogs and the waterfall was amazing!

Amazing waterfall

Amazing waterfall

Overall I logged 7 miles on Sunday.

Monday- Crazy active day!

Monday was my dream day, starting with a workout then playing in the mountains the rest of the day.

Track Workout– Short sprint workout



Paddleboarding– 1hour

There is a paddle board rental place in Waterton now so I got out on the lake and enjoyed the day. The water was FREEZING though and when it splashed on my toes they got really cold. It was still a blast though!

Mountain biking 3 miles

Got tired so I snapped a pic and headed back!

Got tired so I snapped a pic and headed back!

 Tuesday- Thursday- Nothing (was travelling for work, working long hours, then travelling back)

I’m really annoyed with myself for not figuring out a way to schedule my workouts throughout this crazy work week. I’m trying to train like an athlete but sometimes your damn job gets in the way! Ugh! It was a great week up until Tuesday though wasn’t it? Monday was the bomb!

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