I told my husband I wish I could quit my job so I could focus on life, work outs and errands. Ha ha! That’s why this post is slightly delayed.

Summer Friday Fitness

Friday- Off

Saturday- Sprint Workout- 400-300-200-150-100

Saturday’s sprint workout did not go as well as planned. The protein shake I had for breakfast wasn’t enough and I felt pretty drained the whole workout. Also, there was a soccer tournament going on the field so I was slightly embarrassed as I ran sprints (huffing and puffing) with all those people watching. Oh well! I don’t run for them!

Sunday- Off

But mowing lawn with manual mower should count! We have such a huge yard and the lawn was so tall it took a couple of hours to get through a quarter of it.

Monday- Sprint Workout 5X300s

This workout kills me just as much now as it did in high school! I didn’t puke (like I used to do in high school) but I did really struggle!

Weights @ Goodlife 

I was HURTING after this workout and had to take my first ice bath since 2004!

photo 3

Tuesday- Sprint Workout- In and outs for 2 miles

I would sprint for 100 metres, then walk/jog for 100 metres for two miles. The first mile felt like death but by the second felt great!

photo 4

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Off because of smoke

Today was supposed to be anther track workout but Lethbridge had severe smoke coming down from the Northern Alberta wildfires and I debated all day whether or not to tough it out and run. But when I walked to my car for lunch and my eyes burned from the smoke I decided to veto the workout.

Can't see much of the downtown area in all the smoke

Can’t see much of the downtown area in all the smoke

So that was my week in a nutshell. It started off so strong but didn’t end well.

If I have any 30-something athletes who read this I have to ask- how do you handle aches and pains from pushing your body?

My  hamstring injury is acting up, which I knew it would, but I’m also sometimes experiencing pain in my right heel or the top of my foot. I’m also so much stiffer in the mornings than back in my 20s when I trained.  Back when I ran for school, I had an athletic trainer I could go see but now I don’t know who to turn to. And I don’t want to sound like a baby. Ha ha!

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