Summer Friday Fitness

I have been on a workout hiatus for the past week and a half as I waited for my stitches to come out. I’m not being a huge baby, I know that you should be okay to run with stitches but mine were right on my knee joint making it painful and difficult to bend so I decided not to stress and take a break.

It was a lovely break. I visited with my grandparents often, spent more time with Ryan, even tried out a recipe (I rarely cook). But now they’re out and I’m antsy to get started!!

The only thing I did this week was a 17-18 km hike with the dogs on Canada Day.


Since I don’t have much to report I’d like to congratulate Becky and Kaella for winning some free Catelli products! I’ll shoot you ladies an email (or Tweet ya) and get addresses.



And here is a cute picture of my dogs from the hike. Happy Friday everyone!

I hate my face in this pic, but they look so cute!

I hate my face in this pic, but they look so cute!

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