Earlier this spring I was a finalist in the Kurgo Live Your Adventure Contest. Rocky and I tried to win a month long hike along the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but as a consolation I received credit to purchase Kurgo products.

Perfect!  I have been wanting to try harnesses on our dogs as I hear they’re a lot better than collars when you have unruly dogs. I ordered each dog an Allagash Harness (because I thought the green was pretty), a double dog leash, two Collaps a Bowls, and a Wander Cargo Barrier.

Living in the country we don’t have our dogs on leashes often and when we do it’s only when both Ryan and I are there because those dogs pull hard and weave back and forth- they just don’t walk well on leashes.


When I took them to Waterton for a hike, I didn’t know what to expect with the harnesses and the leash and the results were amazing!

First off, the 2-1 leash is a genius invention! It helped that my dogs are nearly the same size because they walked better when they were next to each other. If one stopped, the other would pull him along so they walked at a steadier pace.

They look so cute!

They look so cute!

The harnesses are also amazing! I hated the wheezing and choking sounds that would come from Rocky and Apollo with collars and I heard that harnesses give you better control of your dogs and does it ever! The Allagash harness has a handle on the top so that when we approached people on the trail (both dogs bark at strangers) I could easily grab them by the harness and hold them on the side of the trail until the hikers passed.

The harnesses also made it easier for me to hold them back because the force isn’t all on their necks, it’s on their entire upper body. Not to mention, dogs look adorable in harnesses! And no one can mistake Rocky for a bear if he’s wearing a bright green harness either.

Is that a bear? Wait no. Bright green harnesses- its a dog.

Is that a bear? Wait no. Bright green harnesses- its a dog.

Dog owners everywhere- make your life easier and snag a harness and a 2-in 1 if you have two dogs. They’re not expensive ($40 for the harness- $18 for the leash) and they make walking your dogs SO MUCH EASIER! And thank you Kurgo for allowing me the chance to try these products out!

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. As mentioned, I was awarded some credit as a consolation for not winning the Live Your Kurgo Adventure contest. My thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

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