Friday Fitness Recap- July 10

Summer Friday Fitness

Happy Friday Everyone! Now that I’ve given my notice at work, coming into the office on these beautiful days is even more tortuous!

Quick question about earbuds- is there such thing as earbuds or headphones that are lightweight and will stay on your ears during a sprint workout??? I went out and purchased some Skull Candy Chops Earbuds that wrap around my ears but the right one still comes off. I’ve started putting my sunglasses OVER the ear wrap-arounds to keep them in place but it would be nice to find a pair that will stay on. I think my next option is headphones but I worry that those will fly off during a sprint. Thoughts or advice??

Wrap arounds aren't staying on! So frustrating!

Wrap arounds aren’t staying on! So frustrating!

My week! Let’s just say I’ve been walking like an old lady because I am so sore. With the stitches out I have been hitting it hard trying to make up for thos two weeks lost!

Friday- Softball 2 games

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Back on the Track!  1 mile of jogging curves/striding straightaways and 4 X 50 m sprints

This was my first sprint workout back and it felt amazing! I could feel the dust or cobwebs or whatever you want to call it melting from my legs muscles with each stride I took. I was pretty much smiling the entire workout.


Monday- Softball 2 games

I know that some people don’t consider softball a workout but I play outfield and I make sure I run in and out with each inning. And when I’m running for a base, I am sprinting as hard as I can. I make softball a workout!

Tuesday-Sprints- 400m flow workout

I was huffing and puffing during this one. Anything over 150m winds me. Ha ha!

Weights @ Goodlife

I really pushed myself at the gym on Tuesday. It was my first time back in the weight room in weeks and I made sure to lift heavy.

Wednesday- Off

I really felt the effects of my Tuesday weight session! I was sooooo sore!

Thursday- Sprints 4 X 200m, 4 X 100m

This was the worst workout I’ve had in a very long time. Why? Instead of going right after work like I always do, I decided to go later in the evening when it had cooled down. I ate dinner 2 hours before but that dinner kept trying to come up for the entire workout. And I’m not the kind of person who can throw up and move on, my body fights vomiting with everything it has. This was definitely a test of my willpower but I finished the workout!

Sunset track sess

Sunset track sess

That was my week! This weekend I plan to float on Saturday and hike to the the top of a mountain on Sunday so it should be a good one!

Do you ever have sessions where you throw up? Do you feel better or worse after?

Any tips for some good headphones would be appreciated!! 

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