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I learned a valuable lesson this week that many of my friends have known for awhile- rest days should always be active rest days. I’m noticing that in rest days I go into complete sloth mode and have Netflix marathons on the couch. Usually what accompanies that level of laziness is a lot of mindless snacking too. I noticed that my workouts following a rest day are actually more difficult because my muscles, while rested, are tight and take a long time to warm up. So I have to hop on the #norestdays or #nodaysoff bandwagon. That doesn’t mean I’m going to push my body to its limits every day, just that on rest days I’ll go for a walk, bike ride, a swim. Anything that gets my body moving a little.

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- Drills and 2 miles of speed work

I was supposed to add weights to my workout but I knew I would be climbing a mountain the next day so I stuck to just the running.

Sunday- 4 mile hike up a mountain

This is where I could really see the difference sprint training has made on my cardio.

Up we go!

Up we go!

Monday- Rest Day (sloth day to the extreme)

Tuesday- Sprint Workout

Hit the track for 4 sets of 3 X150m sprints

Weights @ Goodlife

Wednesday- Active rest day- a little rock climbing!  

Ryan and I went to the university and took an intro to climbing course. We just have to pop in for a belay certification test and we are good to go. I’m excited to add this to our list of activities we can do together or with the kids. I have A LOT of work to do however because I would only get halfway up the wall and would suddenly become paralysed with fear.


Thursday- Unintentional Rest Day

I had a sprint workout and weights planned but today was one of those days! I had a meeting run through lunch so I couldn’t get half of it done at lunch as planned. I had an out of town meeting run late and I had family come in for a visit. I know there should be no excuses but there are some days where I can’t squeeze in the 2-2.5 hours I need. It’s frustrating though.

There was my week. I am hoping to hit the track at lunch (in the rain) to squeeze in yesterdays missed sprint workout. We head to  the mountains tonight for a weekend of camping so it should be a good time!

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