Summer Friday Fitness

Happy Friday! It’s so funny because on Monday I thought this day would never come and the week flew by! Sorry for the lack of posts but with my leaving my job in 4 weeks, everyone is piling the work on me before I go. I did make a fun countdown calendar on my whiteboard in my office.


Some people think it’s hilarious and others have looked at me with disdain and been like “Really Rachel?” To which I respond- I’m excited to finally have my dream career. I’ve been dreaming about being a teacher and coach in my sleep. I’m on the right path.

Anyway- Workouts have been tough to stick to. I feel like no matter how well I plan and schedule something is coming up. And I am not an evening runner. After 7pm is too late for me (I like to be in bed by 10 pm at the latest). But I’m trying the best I can. In 4 weeks I’ll be unemployed and able to workout at 10 am which is my highest spike in energy each day.

Friday- Nothing

We were en route to Koocanusa the moment I got off work.

Saturday- Swimming

It wasn’t a swim workout or anything but I spent the day swimming like a little kid again. We floated until it got hot then jumped in and swam around.

Sunday- Long walk around lake

Ryan and I took the kids on a turtle scouting walk around Surveyors Lake. Other than that, it’s all the exercise I got.

Monday- 1 softball game

Normally I play two softball games a week but we had one team not show.

Tuesday- 5X300s

UGH! 5X 300s are my most hated of all workouts. I have memories of running these every other day during spring break in high school. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked. The combination of the heat (30C) and my killer shin splints I’ve been battling made it impossible for me to stay on pace.

Skipped weights- Normally I head to Goodlife for weight training on Tuesdays but I was so done after my run I opted to skip it. I went to runners room and bought new compression sleeves because Ryan wore and stretched out my 2XU sleeves and I’m hoping they will help with my shin pain.

Wednesday- Rock climbing

Date night! Ryan and I went back to the Ascent Climbing Centre for our belay certification tests. We are now certified and can go rock climbing whenever we want. I want to go often because I need to get over my fears! I have yet to get higher than halfway up that wall before I get scared and have to come down.


certified belayers

certified belayers

Thursday- sick

There is nothing worse than waking up ill! Especially when you were scheduled to go on a media flight in a jet fighter! Ugh! It’s the Lethbridge Air Show this weekend and I was going to go up in a jet for a chance to take pictures and experience it and of course I was sick. And there is nothing I hate more than being stuck at home all day doing nothing but watching TV.

That’s my week. It was an active week but only had one real workout which bugs me.


Any climbers have tips for getting over my fear of going too high?


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