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Happy August Long weekend to my Canadian readers! Ryan and I are headed to Milk River to play in a long, hot, HOT ball tournament. But I’m going to embrace my swass because it’s already August and winter will be here before we know it. I have to savour every ray of sunshine.

It’s been a pretty good week for me though I am starting to struggle with nutrition (more after the recap).

Friday- Sprint workout 2X200 – 2X150- 2X100- 2 X50 

I am still loving my short sprint workouts. They are HARD but it feels so good to go as hard as you can. The Thursday before this I was sick and had to go to the doctor and the nurse took my vitals and said I had a very low resting heart rate and asked if I was a runner. 🙂 Nice to know that my heart is showing the benefits of these workouts.

Saturday & Sunday- Nothing

I sucked and went into sloth mode. Oops!

Monday- 2.5 mile run at lunch

I went for a run in the river bottom and had to jump over two little gardener snakes! So creepy!

Tuesday- Sprint Workout 400-300-200-150-100-100



Weights @ Goodlife

It feels good to notice I’m getting stronger. Every weight lifting session I put just a little more weight on and push myself a little harder. The only place I am not improving is pull ups! Even when I was a collegiate runner, the pull up alluded me.

Wednesday- Rest Day

I was supposed to stretch and planned an evening yoga session but my wonderful grandma knows Wednesdays are my rest days and that I don’t have softball so she often asks for my help and takes up my whole evening. It’s ok- I love her.

Thursday- Sprint 10X100m

I LOVED my sprint workout! It was hard don’t get me wrong, but the 100 is something my brain and lungs can handle so I was able to focus on my form and my speed rather than my breath (like when I do 400s).

Weights @ Goodlife


I need some help or advice! With the intensity and frequency of my workouts I am noticing my arms and legs are leaning out but the fat around my hips and on my belly are NOT budging!

I know that this has to do with food and I hired an RD to help me. Because of my food intolerances I eat lean, my diet consists mainly of fruit, vegetables and meat. The RD said I needed to increase my calorie intake to 2300 (I sit at around 1800-2000 with 6 mini meals a day) which makes sense for an athlete trying to increase performance but I’m trying to take off 10-15 pounds. The meals she suggested don’t meet my dietary restrictions and she was sarcastic when we talked about my food intolerances. She sent me a bunch of information on fats to carbs to protein, etc but what I was looking for was a calendar that told me what to eat and when to eat it.

Can any of my readers help me? Is there a nutrition guide out there somewhere I should follow? HELP!! 

I found an amazing place in Calgary called Fit Kitchen and they provide your meals for you based on a nutrition plan. If only I lived in Calgary and could utilize them!!


On a side note, I won a Tiny Devotions Facebook contests to share your dreams and how you are making them happen. I shared my dream of being a PE teacher and how I finally got the guts to leave my corporate life behind and won! They sent me this beautiful Dream Catcher necklace!

photo 3photo 4


For reals though, any advice on how to utilize good nutrition to take off this weight would be appreciated!



  • Celeste July 31, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Hey Rach!
    I love your blog and you’re looking SO Great!! You’ve been inspiring me to get active again rather than just focussing on the nutrition/ diet end, which has certainly made huge changes but not everything I need. I wish I was a little further along in my schooling so that I could take you as a case study. I’m in school to get my Registered Holistic Nutritionist certifications and part of this is building grocery lists, meal plans and recipes for my clients to their specific needs. I have a few key suggestions that may increase your ability to burn fat if you’re interested. As for meal plans I’m not that far along to make certain suggestions. Contact me on FB if you want. We have great instructors that I am happy to ask any questions you need as well if you’d like.

    • Betty Livin July 31, 2015 at 9:26 pm

      Hey Celeste- thanks for the kind words! I didn’t know you were studying holistic nutrition! I’ll shoot you a FB message for sure because I am so frustrated!

      Activity and good nutrition- the two go hand in hand! You can’t focus on just one, they both have to align.

  • Becky July 31, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    That’s too bad that your RD was not taking your intolerances seriously and not being helpful. I wish I had a suggestion for you. However, if you find someone awesome, it would be interesting to read about the things that help!

    That necklace is so pretty!


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