Today is not my usual Friday Fitness Recap because, well, besides two days of softball last week there is nothing to report. For those who didn’t catch my last post, I sustained a pretty bad foot injury and it has me off my foot and on crutches for a while.

It’s pretty bad timing because my last day of being a desk monkey is next Friday and I have my family coming up for a visit and we had all these hikes planned out that may not happen. I’m hoping this foot heals up real quick!

I have spent most of this week with my foot propped up. I see my doctor again next week and if the swelling is down enough, I’ll get an ultrasound to get a better idea of what’s going on with that tendon. And if needed, I’ll see a plastic surgeon to get it reattached. Fun stuff!

Big ass swollen foot

Big ass swollen foot

We had a sewage issue this week and had to have plumbers come over TWICE (Goodbye $500!) to resolve the issue. Do you know what sucks more than having one bathroom that you can’t use? Being on crutches and unable to use your bathroom! I couldn’t just squat and pee in the back yard and pretend I was camping so I had to drive down to a porta-pottie at the track and hop into that every time I had to pee! It was so annoying, but also kind of funny.



While waiting for a doctor’s appointment I dusted off my hair straightener and pulled out my expired make up and played around for an hour. And you know what? I look so much better with make up! Ha ha ha! I don’t want to deal with it in summer when it’s hot and I’m sweaty, but come fall I’ll get back into a routine I think.

photo 3

Last night I went stir crazy and insisted we take the dogs out for a walk by the windmills. It was a chillier evening and I just LOVED how pretty the ripe wheat looked in the sunlight underneath the windmills. I snapped away but pictures never really catch what you’re seeing in real life.

photo 1


I love this shot of Rocky jumping for the stick!

I love this shot of Rocky jumping for the stick!

So that’s my week in a nutshell- it’s not nearly as jam packed or exciting as I like but it’s all about finding life’s little adventures right? Let’s see what little adventures I can find this weekend.

Also- sorry for the huge pictures! I switched to and it’s not as simple to resize your photos.



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