Summer Friday Fitness

It’s baaaaaaack! Last week marked the first time I could put a little bit of weight on my foot, and with my super fit mom in town visiting we hit the local gym almost every day! I am so grateful to be able to move my body again, I don’t know if I’ll ever complain about a workout again.

I still can’t stuff my foot into a shoe though so I’m working out in my sandals. Ha ha!

Friday– 30 min Bike

My foot is in a place where I can bike without pain, so I’m on that bike!

Upper Body

Did upper body weights and tried to force my sister to do some too. Ha ha!

We workout!

We workout!

Saturday– 30 min Bike & Abs

Sunday– Nothing

Monday–  30 min. Bike & Abs


Waterton Day- We also spent the day in Waterton which consisted of canoeing and a lot of walking.

Tuesday– Nothing

Wednesday– 30 min. Bike ride

Thursday– Workout 1- 30 min bike ride & upper body weights

All the biking is great for my legs but man my butt hurts. Because I can’t put full weight on my legs, I can’t sit out of my seat and hover like I’m supposed to.

Workout 2- Abs

I went to the gym again with Ryan and focused on abs. I can’t do any sort of planking so I stuck with traditional sit ups and crunches.

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