Fall Friday Fitness

My foot is still healing but now that I can fit it into a regular shoe, it’s easier to walk and easier to get active. The beginning of the week wasn’t great and I am just like Milli Vanilli. I blame it on the rain!

Friday- Nothing 

Saturday- Bike 30 minutes (13 miles)

Sunday- Nothing 

Monday- Nothing 

Tuesday- Nothing 

Wednesday-  Bike 30 minutes (12 miles),  Upper Body & Abs

Wednesday was my first day of school and I am so excited for this lifestyle change. I walked a total of 6 miles around campus and then I learned that almost every class I’m taking is half in the classroom and half in the gym! Woot! Woot! I need to build up my activewear collection ASAP!

Thursday- Bike 35 minutes (14 miles) & Abs

I’m looking forward to now having a schedule that allows me to fit in a daily workout as well as gets me active and moving!

Love my new running shoes!!!

Love my new running shoes!!!

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