Earlier this summer, I took some new Kurgo products out for a test while hiking with the dogs. I tried the 2-in-1 leash (life changing) and dog harnesses. 

This year, Kurgo released their K9 Excursion Running Belt  ($30) and sent me one to try out.


First off, this belt is so rad because it has a little water bottle and a storage pocket for your phone and keys. What I liked about this belt is that it didn’t bounce too much (which I was worried about) and it stayed in place.


The belt offers a clip on each side so that you can hook two dogs up at once.


But let me be clear….. your dog should be good on a leash before you attempt to use this product! My boys are awful on a leash and kept getting tangled and pulled me crazy fast!


Being pulled away, out of control

Being pulled away, out of control

I need to try taking the leash out with one dog at a time because they’re much better on a leash apart than together, but I will be using this as my new running belt for all my long runs and even short hikes, so it’s a great multi use piece of gear!

Better train these dogs before attempting this again!

Better train these dogs before attempting this again!



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