Fall Friday Fitness

Hello friends! It’s Friday at last! Man- this new schedule has me wiped out. My week has been a little all over the place but filled with fun!

Friday- Basketball drills, games/in a wheelchair

I LOVE my Adapting Physical Activity class. Today was did various basketball drills and different variations of ways to play to be more inclusive of people with various disabilities.

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- 2.04 mile run in  25 min.

I took the dogs out and attempted to run together using the Kurgo Excursion K9 belt and it didn’t go too well. I would up taking them off the leash and just running. Running into the 60 km.hour winds was pretty much like running in place, though on the way back I was flying!


Monday-  Twilight Walk 1.19 miles in 21 min,

I was so tired I wound up falling asleep after dinner and waking up at 6:30 going “Oh shit! I have to run!” I got to the trail and was so groggy I opted to just do a relaxing walk and breath in the crisp fall air.

Tuesday- Gymnastics class

Today we worked on various ab exercises. First trying out standard ones and then coming up with several variations.

Run with Ryan- 2.43 miles in 30 min.

Ryan and I have together for almost five years and this Tuesday we went on our first run together ever! ha ha! We were both worried about the other making it into a competition but we wound up running at the same pace and resting at the same times, so I we’re quite compatible running buddies. We also helped push each other just a little further.

Wednesday- Tennis class

Just like every other class, we did various tennis drills and tried playing in a variety of ways that were inclusive. I also played in a wheelchair. Long story short- in a wheelchair or on my feet, I am a TERRIBLE tennis player!

40 minutes on bike

I am an amazing multi-tasker because I read through a 40 page Kinesiology chapter while I rode my bike. Ha ha!

Strength Training

It was a good day for me, strength wise because after my usual upper body work, I tested my toe on leg press and didn’t have any issues! So I think I’ll start incorporating leg exercises again, but I’ll start off on the machines at lighter weights and ease into it.

Thursday- Gymnastics class (trying to learn skin the cat)

This class wasn’t as active as normal, but we ended with trying to skin the cat which is this:

Our instructor challenged us to have this skill by the end of the semester and you can’t challenge me to anything without me getting really into it! Challenge accepted!

Overall, it was an active week but not much of a hard core training week. But I am having so much damn fun!

Do you run with your significant other? Do you race each other or are you compatible?

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