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Happy Friday Everyone! Man am I ever looking forward to a restful & restorative weekend because this was a hectic week.

My foot has been bugging  me this week and when you see how active I’ve been it’s pretty plain as to why. Every day it would ache and I would think ‘I need a rest day’ but four or five days out of five I have a PE class so a full rest day isn’t possible. Isn;t that a wonderful problem to have?

My gymnastic coaching class is amazing and I’m getting all fired up to improve my strength. Last week I told you how we were all challenged to do a skill on the bars called ‘skin the cat’. This week he added on do10 pull ups by the end of the semester. That may not sound like a lot, but the most pull ups I have ever accomplished is 7 and that was when I was in high school and a pretty hard core athlete. But I can’t be challenged and not accept it! So I am going to phase out some of my weights and do more body weight exercises to strengthen those arms!

Let’s talk about an awesome week shall we?

Friday- Baseball drills and blind baseball

In class on Friday we played variations of baseball drills that would be more inclusive to all abilities. We ended the class wearing blind folds and trying to hit a special softball that had a beeper in it. The first two times it came toward me I would panic and step back, but the third time I swung and missed.

Saturday– Surrey ride through Waterton

Have you ever seen a surrey? It’s a bicycle-like contraption in which two people pedal, but in my case, my step son Ace wasn’t tall enough to reach the pedals so I had to do all the pedalling myself! We only did 30 minutes and my legs were pretty beat by the end.

8 km hike to Bertha Falls

I always forget that Bertha Falls is 4km each way and not 4km round trip. Ha ha! Whoops! Ryan is not a hiker and the kids had a blast for the first half but started to get tired during the second. I really had to talk up the falls to get them excited enough to keep going. The fall colours in the mountain are spectacular!


Sunday– Bears Hump Hike 2 miles

I had planned on resting the foot on Sunday but when I was invited to join a bunch of my favourite Alberta Bloggers on a hike up Bear’s Hump, I was all over it! I worked hard to keep up with fellow hiker Jo (Living Mint Green) so it made Bears Hump an amazing cardio workout.


Monday– 1.5 mile timed run test

In kinesiology lab we had to run a 1.5 on the indoor track, timed and in front of everyone! Was I thrilled that I came in second to last? No. But was I happy that I ran an average of a 10 min/mile when my natural pace is 12? Hells yeah!!!

Parachute Play

Remember playing with the parachute in elementary school? That’s what I got to do for a class! We played shark, snakes, bouncy balls, made it into a mushroom- I seriously love my classes!

A bunch of adults playing with a parachute makes for an awesome class!

Remember these? Ha ha!

Tuesday– Gymnastics class- conditioning!

For gymnastics coaching we split into groups and had to come up with a circuit that incorporated endurance, strength, flexibility, and power exercises and we got to give it a go. The other group was brutal! While some of their exercises were easy and fun, they also incorporated pull ups (in which I needed someone to push me up), ONE armed curls on the bar (I used the kiddie bars and used a lot of leg), and suicides! I was huffing and puffing and sweating up a storm after that!

Wednesday– 1.6 mile run around Henderson Lake

It took me 18:10 to do that 1.6 miles around Henderson and I thought I was cruising! Ha ha ha! I need to learn how to use that Garmin I bought from Kaella so that I have an idea of what pace I am going at. My foot started to SCREAM at me on this run so I stopped running at 1.6 miles and just walked another lap.


1.77 mile walk around Henderson

It was such a gorgeous day and an 18 minute run was not enough to call it a workout so I walked around Henderson and enjoyed the weather.

Wheelchair Basketball 1 hour

Man oh man was this ever FUN! I have to do a couple of activities with people who have disabilities as part of a class and so wheelchair basketball at the Lethbridge YMCA was one activity and I loved it! It was great because everyone was there for fun so it wasn’t an overly competitive environment. The kids from my class were clueless but having a good time. I played great defence but man I can’t throw to save my life!! Whenever I was subbed out, I would put my cheer skills to use and my teacher said they never had a cheerleader at wheelchair basketball before. I really want to take Ryan and some friends because it’s a fun experience.

Thursday– Gymnastics

It was OUR turn to put the other group to work but our instructor did have us join in some of the activities. You know what’s difficult to do? Dips on a bar if your gut gets stuck on top! Ha ha!

How was your week? 

Any plans for the weekend despite the crappy forecast?



  • Kelly @ Leanfit October 2, 2015 at 9:39 am

    I’m tired just reading about all your activities! It’s so great that you’ve been able to combine fitness into every aspect (and day) of your life!

    • Betty Livin October 2, 2015 at 6:34 pm

      It’s definitely an adjustment from manning a desk all day and doing just one hour at the gym!


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