I’ve been asked a lot for an update on school so I figured it was time to write about it.

I had a really awesome thought today, I’m the happiest and most stress free I’ve been since my Dad died when I was 10. This is from a combination of factors; financially we’re able to pay the bills on time, I have a solid relationship with my spouse, I’m super close to my family, I have a great set of friends, two wicked dogs, and I love school and I love the career I’m training for.

I know I’m being a little too Pollyanna here, but the biggest reason I feel so good is that this huge weight has been lifted off me. I no longer feel compelled to conform to someone else’s standard of appropriate behaviour (ie. office professionalism) I am literally free to be me!

So what does that mean? I like to ride my shopping cart down the aisles, pushing it like a skateboard. I would never have done it before in case I ran into a coworker or professional colleague but now…. whhhheeeeee! I was walking in a shopping area and saw a raised curb and thought “why not walk along it like a balance beam?” So I did that as cars drove by probably thinking “what is wrong with that girl?”


Besides being weird, I love school because I love the subject matter I’m learning. My gymnastics class is challenging my body and making me move in ways I haven’t moved in years! My Adapting Physical Activity class has opened my eyes to the many different types of students I will encounter and how important it to adjust your curriculum to ensure everyone is involved in PE class. I’ve played wheelchair basketball and sledge hockey in addition to my fun weekly classes.

I am fascinated by Sports Psychology class and the labs in my Kinesiology 1000 class are so much! I had a lot of fun in our last lab on flexibility trying to meet requirements when my big butt got in the way. Ha ha!

I love studying!

I love studying!

These classes mean my activity level has skyrocketed and I’m adjusting to this wonderful change in my lifestyle.

This year are all my PE classes, next year I buckle down into Education courses and an in-class practicum. So for this year, I’m living in my activewear and loving every minute of it!

My bestie Cat got this mug for me- I didn't pull a Michael Scott and but it myself! Ha ha!

My bestie Cat got this mug for me- I didn’t pull a Michael Scott and but it myself! Ha ha!

What’s something weird that you love to do? Do you do it? 

Who else enjoys riding their cart while grocery shopping? 


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