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Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian readers! My family all lives in the States and I spent 11 Thanksgivings of my life down there and we always argue about which one is the real Thanksgiving. You know the answer? There is NEVER a wrong time to gather with your family and friends and eat a ton of food, turkey, pie, and drink a lot of wine.


We didn’t get any dinner invites this year so I have to cook! Waaaaah! But I am infusing a little American-ness into the holiday this year and have organized a family touch football game with our friends and their kids on Sunday so we’ll get in a little physical activity before stuffing our faces.


This week was enlightening. I’ll elaborate after the recap.

Friday- 2 mile coulee walk

I celebrated the end of a busy week with a relaxing coulee walk with Ryan and the dogs. It was a beautiful day but we ended with a “burr situation”.


Saturday & Sunday- Nothing

I had the best intentions for the weekend but I was sick on Saturday and had to spend Sunday cranking out homework and cleaning my house.

Monday- 5 mile run

I had to make up for my lazy weekend and went out with plans to run 5 miles and stay at a 10 minute mile pace. My legs and foot had different intentions. Cardio-wise I felt good so that’s a sign that I’m ready to go faster.


Tuesday- Gymnastics Class

We worked on landings meaning we spent 50 minutes jumping off stuff and doing backwards and forward rolls. It was exhausting.

Sledge Hockey- I tried out an hour of sledge hockey on Tuesday and had so much fun! It is a serious arm workout and a great hockey option for someone who can’t skate!


Wednesday- Power & Speed Lab

In Kinesiology lab we had to do a series of power and speed labs including long jump, vertical jump, agility, balance, and a 50 yard dash. I was really excited for the 50 yard dash because I wanted to show my young classmates that I bring something to the fitness table (like at the 2XU camp in LA this past spring). I ran it in 7.3 though which was disappointing as I had wanted an under 7 time. 🙁

3 miles study walk

That’s right, a study walk! I’ll write a separate post on it because it’s genius! The weather has been so nice and I needed to spend an hour or so cramming for a midterm so rather than hole up in Starbucks or the library, I hit the park and walked at a slow pace (took me 1:20 to do 3 miles) and studied my butt off.


Thursday- Gymnastics class

Landing forward drills, that means standing up and falling forward and absorbing the fall with your arms rather than smashing your face. That was terrifying! I still can’t do it properly, my pelvis hits the floor before my arms do so I have some work to do.

So that was my week. If you notice, there were no strength training sessions and only one run. I’m still adjusting to this HUGE shift in my activity levels. But one thing this week has taught me is that I need to focus more on functional fitness. My power and agility is just not where I would like to see it. I should be able to jump high, I should be able to fall forward and catch myself. I spent most of this year focusing on lifting heavy weights to build strength and I think I’m going to change my focus to a more agile strength.

Anyone know of a really good resource for functional fitness workouts?

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