Fall Friday Fitness

Happy Friday! This has been a loooooong week. I’ve been studying for exams, catching up on reading, and the event I’m planning at work is next week so my week has been pretty frantic. Add on the fact that I’ve felt sick-ish since returning from Mexico and you’ll see I did not kill it at the gym or on the road this week. I have a 5k coming up in three weeks and I had big plans for training hard to PR.

Let’s take a peak at my week shall we?

Friday- A little bit of floor hockey

I got home at 3 a.m. Friday morning and had to be up at 10 am and head to classes. Needless to say I was DEAD! In one of my PE classes we had jockey drills/games but it wasn’t anything too strenuous.

Saturday- Nothing

I spent 9 hours studying, writing notes, and reading.

Sunday- 2 hour study walk- 5 miles

I had a midterm on Monday and Sunday was so beautiful I decided to do some study walking.  I did two walks because the first one was with my dogs and we were stalked by a coyote! No joke, that thing yipped and howled at my boys for almost 15 minutes and it kept creeping closer and closer to us. I know that coyotes hunt having one pack member getting the prey to chase them into where the rest of the pack is hiding and I was worried my dogs would fall for it. They had no interest in this coyote and ignored it completely but I was nervous and took them home and continued my study walking.


Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- Gymnastics (jumps)

This class opened my eyes to how much I work my cheer athletes when I make them do jumps for an extended period of time! We were working on springing and worked on tuck, straddle, and pike jumps. I was huffing and puffing the whole time!

Wednesday- 30 minute Tempo Run

My tummy wasn’t bothering me on Tuesday so on Wednesday when my body naturally woke up at 5:45 am and I didn’t have an 8 am lab, I got my butt on my treadmill for a tempo run!

Thursday- Gymnastics bars (uneven bars) 

We were practicing basics skills on the uneven bars (and struggling) when our instructor told us that next week we were being given a checklist of gymnastics skills that we will be graded on whether we can do them or not at the end of the semester! Hasn’t he ever heard the saying ‘those that can’t do teach”? Ah! Me being Miss Perfection can’t stand the thought of losing marks so I have a lot of work to do.

This class has me inspired to find an adult gymnastics class because this is a type of fitness that we don’t work on as adults.

That was my week, not at all what I would like but I’m taking it easy on myself. I didn’t overindulge on vacation at all and was pretty active despite the rain so if I’m feeling sick and need to take it easy so be it.

ALSO- I have yet to treat myself to a single piece of Halloween candy this year! While yes, my sick stomach has payed a part in that- I’m still very proud of myself. Ha ha! And tomorrow I’ll be doing a special Halloween black light hot yoga class so I’m pretty excited!

How was your week?

Any active Halloween plans?

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