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Have you ever taken a nap and slept so deeply that when you woke up you were disorientated and thought it was morning? That was me yesterday! I had gotten up at 5;30 a.m. to study for a test and laid down for a quick nap at 4;30 p.m. When I woke up at 5:30 I was so dead and disoriented that I thought it was 5:30 a.m. Friday morning and I got up to go get ready for the day. Ha ha!

I’m going to look at some matcha tea options because damn I need more energy throughout my days.

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 35 minute run on treadmill & Nike Training Club App

I realized I need to step up my strength training last week and since I want more functional strength, I’ve turned to the wonderful Nike Training Club app. I also have a 5k in a week or so and of course haven’t been running- oops!

Sunday- Nothing

I could swear that I did something on Sunday. But I didn’t write it down or snap a photo so I don’t know for sure.

Monday- Nike Training Club App 30 minutes &  Rowing 20 minutes

I always take blurry gym selfies!

I always take blurry gym selfies!

It snowed!! So I got my butt into Goodlife on Monday because I am NOT an outdoor work out type. I utilized the empty studio for a hard 30 minutes with NTC again. My foot was hurting a bit afterward so instead of running I opted to row to take my bodyweight off my foot.

Tuesday- Gymnastics & 30 minutes easy run

I’m seeing improvement in gymnastics class! I can hold a head stand for a long time and my hand stands are starting to hold a little longer than a second.

Off too Goodlife again for an easy run on the treadmill.

Easy run

Easy run

Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- Curling 2 hours

It’s curling season! Ryan and I put in a mixed team this year of a ton of beginners and we had a lot of fun yesterday. We actually got 4 points in the first end so we felt really good about that.

Ryan getting a curling lesson

Ryan getting a curling lesson

Getting on a schedule!

I decided that I need to get my workouts on a schedule based on my work/class schedule because I am getting way too good at skipping workouts to study, clean, or socialize instead. I’m shooting for:

  • Strength training-  Monday, Wednesday, Fridays
  • Running- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Gymnastics practicing- Tuesday, Thursdays
  • Yoga- Sundays

That’s a pretty heavy schedule but with some prioritizing I should be able to fit this in as well as outdoor walks and adventures.

Do you have a workout schedule? Does it make it easier to stick to a routine?

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