I have mentioned before that I am not a good distance runner. My background is in short sprinting (100 metres, 200 metres) and I have always struggled to run anything more than that 200 metres. But because once you are done with collegiate sports you don’t have a chance to run track, you have to move on to distance running. I decided to push myself and I signed up for the Seawheeze Half Marathon next August and I need to buckle down and get serious.

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Normally I stick to the treadmill in the winter but yesterday was an unseasonably warm day so I pulled out the Garmin and hit the local trails. My training plan calls for tempo runs and I’ve been running my quicker pace at 10 minutes/mile (yes runners,that’s slow- but my natural pace is a 12 minute mile).

But I could NOT get on pace and stay there! I would look at my watch and see I was running 7 miles per hour, or 7.8 miles per hour (8:50- 7:69 miles/hour). Of course that was much too quick for me so I would have to stop and walk for a few minutes to catch my breath. So frustrating!


gorgeous view on my run

So I don’t know- maybe I’ll just run at the pace my body decides and see what happens. Not exactly proper, lol!

Any runners out there have tips for running between super slow and super fast?


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  • Kaella On The Run November 24, 2015 at 9:34 am

    I’m not a sprinter so I can’t relate to running fast hahahaha but I think running by “feel” is important. Long runs should be easy and you should be able to hold a conversation (about 1 minute slower than your race pace.)

    Tempo runs are where you can really pick things up.


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