Whoa! Where did this week go? Last week crawled by but this week flew by. It’s been a busy and stressful week and I am one of those people that skips the gym to get homework and chores done so I feel more in control. So we’ll call this week my “rest week.” Next semester my classes start at 9 (instead of 8) and I’m thinking I might still get up at the same time and get to campus early to get my workouts done in the mornings.

Friday Fitness

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- Clause Cause 5k

Got my outdoor run in the cold (the last until spring) at the Clause Cause.


Sunday- Super short hiking in Waterton (maybe 1.5 km total)

This should have been a 2.4km hike to and from Crandell Lake but hiking with kids is difficult. Ha!

Ace didn't mind

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- Gymnastics Class

We’re practising our skills for the checklist which has been a lot of fun! Beam is my favourite just like it was when I was a kid.

Wednesday- FitBall

For class I had to attend a Fitball class- a balance and coordination class for seniors. The ages of the people in the class vary from 65-80 and I thought it would be a cake walk but it was tough! I have poor balance!! I felt like an idiot trying to hold some of these poses on an ab ball and struggling so hard when the 70 year old lady next to me had no problems.

Thursday- Gymnastics Class & Curling- two hours

So that was my week. It’s not like I sat on my butt and binge watched Netflix all week, but I didn’t get in any running except my race on Saturday and no strength training. Pobody’s nerfect!

We’re kid free this weekend so I’m hoping to catch up on ALL my homework and studying and chores on Saturday so I can go play in the snow on Sunday!

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