Fridaaaaaay! Too bad this one isn’t too exciting because I have SO MUCH homework to do this weekend that I’ll be preoccupied. Only one more week of classes and then it’s finals and I get a break! Woot! Woot!

Friday Fitness

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 30 minute run on treadmill

Squeezed in a 30 minute run between butt loads of homework and housework. I had to get everything done on Saturday so I could play in the mountains on Sunday.

Sunday- Snowshoeing 4 hours

I got to make a new friend and snow shoe out to a gorgeous frozen waterfall. According to MyFitnessPal I burned almost 2,000 calories- snowshoeing for the win!


Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- Gymnastics & Indoor Walking 6km

I am going to be very sad when gymnastics class is over. It’s fun, challenging, and a great unique workout.

For work (I work for the University Wellness Department) I have a project to map out indoor walking routes throughout the university. I spent almost 2 hours walking around with my RunKeeper mapping out different walking routes.

Wednesday- 4 miles on treadmill @ Goodlife

A local running store/community Runners Soul is running their 4th Annual December Running Streak where folks are challenged to run every day in December for at least one mile. This is exactly what I need to get back into a running habit without it feeling too daunting since some day I only have to do 1 mile and I’ve completed the day.

On this day I got in 4 miles since I need to start upping my distance.


Thursday- Gymnastics, 1 mile run, curling

Thursday was a busy day. Exam for the first half of gymnastics class then practising our skills. Guess who got her cartwheel on the beam? This girl! Just call me Gabby Douglas!


After classes and visiting Grandma I squeezed in a quick mile on the home treadmill while watching a little Nashville.


I ended Thursday with an hour and fifteen minutes of curling where our team got creamed, That’s okay, it’s our first year and we’re just doing it for fun.

That was my week of workouts. Notice the lack of strength training? I remember a time when I lifted 6 days a week alternating upper and lower body. I used to rep 245 pounds on squat 4 X10 when I was running track in college and now? Not so much.

I’m running a 10k tomorrow- yes a 10k! Ha ha! I heard that the Santa Shuffle was being hosted in Lethbridge and I decided to sign up to give my head and legs a feel for 6 miles. I’m going in with no race goals or expectations, it’s just a chance to get in some distance running and have some fun with my running buddy Cat (who by the way has started blogging so CHECK IT OUT).


  • Catherine. December 4, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Now all those random run keeper post make sense. I just thought you were really bored at school. Haha.

    • Betty Livin December 4, 2015 at 8:41 am

      Ha ha ha! I wondered if any of my 3 Runkeeper friends would notice!

  • Joanna @ LivingMintGreen December 4, 2015 at 9:28 am

    I love all the running you’ve been doing lately. Still hate it? What are your holiday plans?
    Remind me when you’re coming to Canmore again. AH – you know what, I’ll just DM you my ph#

    • Betty Livin December 4, 2015 at 4:36 pm

      Yeah I’m still struggling with distance running. I figure if I’m not converted by Seawheeze next August I never will be and it’s time to find a different form of exercise. H aha!


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