My first semester back at school has been a great one but I’ve laughed as I’ve struggled to adjust my wardrobe to my new lifestyle. When I worked an office job it was easy- throw on a dress, pack a gym bag for after work and done. But now my schedule is PE class, work in the office for a couple hours, class, PE class again, personal workout, socializing. I’ve been trying to find ways to adjust without having to change in a cramped bathroom stall every couple of hours.

Leggings Are Your Best Friend

Leggings are so versatile because you can throw a tank top over it  to workout and then toss a sweater dress or shift over it to make it more casual.



Black Sports Bras are the Way To Go

Most sports bra come up high on your neckline and will show when wearing a regular t-shirt or sweater so I’ve picked up a couple black ones because then it will go with whatever shirt I toss over it. Along those lines, make sure your sports bras are the sweat wicking kind so that you aren’t sitting in class with a wet chest- no swoobing!

Plain T-shirts go a long way

I have been stocking up on plain t-shirts because it can go from the gym to the office with the addition of a scarf or necklace.


Add boots and a scarf and I have a great class/work outfit

Athletic Jeans? Yes please!

When I was told about Dish and Duer’s athletic jeans and asked if I wanted to try a pair I jumped at the chance! Maybe this was the answer to my fashion dilemma. They promote material that feels like sweats but looks like jeans.

These jeans are made with N2X, a  fabric that combines Tencel with polyester, spandex, and cotton so they look like a dress pant on the outside and feel like a sweat pant on the inside.

I requested a pair of the 5 pocket skinny crop jeans which is made of a moisture managing fabric to keep you dry.

So how did they work out? Well- either these pants run large or I am losing a lot of weight fast with my more active lifestyle because I could not get the sizing right! I was sent a pair of 34’s that were much too big. I offered to send them back in exchange for 32’s but the company said I could keep them and give them away.

But then the 32’s were too big too! Imagine my disappointment!


Just a few notes about these photos- 1. Apollo would not get out of the way (see his black body at the bottom) 2. yes my room is bright orange I’m too lazy to paint it 3. I’m smiling in one of the photos because I’m bummed that they don’t fit but stoked that I’m losing weight.

I wanted to know how these jeans worked out so I went to other bloggers. Chantal’s was the only review I could find and here’s a snippet of what she had to say (READ HER FULL REVIEW HERE):

 “The denim is soft and they are really comfortable to wear.”

“I love how I can dress these up or down, it makes them very versatile”

“grab the smallest size that fits you since they will stretch once you start wearing them.”

If you like the sounds of athletic jeans visit their website I am really interested in the L2X Moto Grey skinnies and the Forever Black Skinny.



Now I have two pairs of  athletic jeans that don’t fit and I want to give these away to a couple readers! Here’s the deal- be the first to comment what size you want (32 or 34) keeping in mind that these pants run big and tell me your Twitter or Instagram name. I ask that whoever gets the pants to please share a picture on their Twitter or Instagram tagging me and Dish and Duer and telling us what they think!


Any fitness professionals out there have other functional fashion tips?

Are there any brands I should check out?


  • Becky @ The Bex Factor December 9, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Oh man, that’s too bad you ended up with two pairs that don’t fit. I’m hesitant to comment, I’d guess 32, but who really knows!
    Twitter: @beckyainsley
    Insta @thebexfactor

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