Merry Christmas Everyone! By the time this automatically posts I will be in my car with Leilani driving the 10 hours to my mom for Christmas Dinner with the family. I plan to stop and do my one mile somewhere along the drive for the run to stick with the December Running Streak. I’m so close to finishing this streak!


It’s been a wonderful, active week with Leilani, let’s do the recap.

Friday- 1 mile birthday run


On Friday I celebrated turning 31 and squeezed in my run on the treadmill.

Saturday- 1 mile run (barefoot) 


Leilani and I spent two days in Canmore & Banff and I forgot my running shoes!! Determined to stick with this streak I ran my miles barefoot on the hotel treadmill. We also walked around downtown Canmore but that was just activity, not a workout.

Sunday- 1 mile run (barefoot) & ice skating


I kicked off the day on that darn hotel treadmill and Leilani and I went ice skating on Lake Louise for 45 minutes.


Monday- 1 mile run


Rather than run barefoot I waited until we were home from Canmore and did a quick night run.

Tuesday- 1 mile run and hot yoga


I took Leilani to Hot Yoga Lethbridge for her first ever session. We did 26 & 2 which is tough but she still enjoyed it and wants to try other styles too. That evening I sucked it up and went out for a chilly night run in -13C! I used to never run if it was below freezing- this run has really toughened me up.

Wednesday- 1 mile run and snowboarding


I got up early and got in my mile so that Leilani and I could hit the hill. I would hardly call my three runs a workout but it was active and outdoors at least. Ha ha!

while Leilani rested I asked her to snap a quick pic

while Leilani rested I asked her to snap a quick pic

Thursday- 1 mile


I literally ran to the store for bacon for breakfast.


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