Happy new year everyone! I love New Year’s because everyone is hopeful for what the new year will bring and setting resolutions is a good thing (if they are realistic and you stick with them). I wanted to give a recap of my December Running Streak.

This was initiated by Lethbridge local running store Runner’s Soul. The gist of it was to run a minimum of a mile everyday for the month of December.  At the beginning of the run I wanted to do more than the 1 mile minimum but around the holidays time fitting it in that one mile took A LOT of effort.

I had thought the run would be all indoor runs because I have always said I don’t run outside when it’s cold but the weather was unseasonably warm this month and I somehow grew a pair and started bundling up and getting out!


I missed Day 1 but hit Day 2 with a 4-miler. Like I said, I originally wanted to do more than the minimum one mile but life gets in the way and I found myself on a Friday night running in the dark after a three hour study session. I had what I thought was a 10k race wind up being a 5k too! Ha ha! I need to read the literature more.














In Week 2 I found myself thinking 1 mile was a “lazy day” whereas before a mile seemed like a loooooong time. The weather was so nice that on one day I went out in just a hoodie!



















After two weeks of warm weather running the weather turned cold and I took my running indoors. I had finals and a visiting sister so fitting in a mile a day was all I could pull off. This was a test of my dedication because we went to Canmore for the weekend and I forgot my running shoes which forced me to run barefoot on the hotel treadmill.



















This was the week I grew a pair. The weather was cold, REAL cold and Leilani was in the spare room with the treadmill forcing me to get outside even in -13C & -17C!!! At this point I was on vacation and between travelling, family, and get-togethers squeezing in that 1 mile was a real struggle. I almost broke the streak on December 26 but luckily my little brother Ben forced me to get out and do it.



















Doing my one mile after BodyPump, BodyAttack, and Step were a struggle. Lol. That’s kind of the theme I guess. It seems fitting that I missed the last day since I missed the first. :/ Between driving 10 hours by myself with no scenery and being super bored paired with the rib feast my brother and sister in-law had ready for me when I arrived, I called it on finishing my streak. I’m not perfect! What can I say?









This streak taught me a ton about energy, running, and myself.

ENERGY- First off, remember how I was talking about low energy levels with all the PE classes mixed with work and studying and classes? Running that mile a day kept my mental energy levels much higher. I would come home and have the energy to clean, do laundry, and homework.

RUNNING– A mile became “lazy” and “easy” during this challenge which was amazing as I have always said that I’m a sprinter not a distance runner. I also somehow became the person who ran outside in the cold! The dogs were a big reason for this because the look so excited when they see me put on my shoes they look at me with so much hope in their eyes that I turned many planned treadmill runs into outdoor runs with the boys.

MYSELF- I can be a distance runner! If I train and stay consistent I can make this happen. I’ve learned that I can handle running in the cold which I never thought I could. I can stick to something and make it happen no matter how busy or tired- I can do anything you guys!! 

Will I do a run streak again? Absolutely- in December? Mmmmm….. we’ll find out next year!


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