This week has been NUTS! You guys, I thought I was fit, until my mom showed me up big time while I stayed with her. No joke! My mom loves Les Mills and does classes 6 days a week- BodyAttack, BodyPump, and Step.

Friday- Run 2 miles

Christmas Day! The day when you wake up at 5 a.m., gather family, and….. drive 11 hours to your moms house. Yup. I spent Christmas Day driving with Leilani to my moms place in Washington. I stopped in Sandpoint, ID with plans to run along that gorgeous bridge but the snow was up to my shins. Instead, I ran two miles with Ben right after Christmas Dinner trying to hold down my dinner.


Saturday- 1 mile run

I almost broke my December Running Streak this day. Luckily Ben forced me to get out and get in my mile.


Sunday- 1 mile run

Got in a mile on moms treadmill.


Monday- BodyPump and 1 mile run

I KILLED my legs in BodyPump, this was a wake up call at how weak I actually am. I need to step up my strength training so bad! After BodyPump I ran a quick mile.


Tuesday- BodyAttack and 1 mile run

I was soooooo sore this day I could barely walk so BodyAttack was rough. There was one track where folks had to do burpee tuck jumps and I was just like “I’m out!” I ran my required daily mile right after and it was a rough mile.


Wednesday- Step, CRX, and 1 mile run

Wednesday was an amazing workout day! I did step with mom and it felt good to flush out the soreness in my legs. We stayed afterwards for a 30 minute core class. I waited until after lunch to get in my daily mile in her spare room.


Thursday- Nothing

I was so mad I didn’t finish my streak on the 31st! But a loooooong 10 hour drive to Utah combined with extreme soreness called for a rest day.

It was an amazing week of workouts though! I’m rested mentally and ready to kick off a new semester!

Seriously guys- killer week!! My mom is a badass!

My mom's a power house!!

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