Happy Friday!! This week hasn’t been a great one for me as I came down with a bad cold on my drive home from Utah on Sunday. I’m a huge believer in rest so when I get sick I don’t work out until I feel at least 80%.

Friday- Indoor Surfing 1 hour

My brother planned out a great weekend of adventures and took me to Flowrider in Ogden. Talk about a full body workout! Besides the actual surfing the many, many falls sure took a toll.


Saturday- Full day of snowboarding

There is no better feeling than lounging in your sweats with your legs completely dead from a day on the mountain!


Sunday-Thursday- Nothing

As I said, on the 12 hour solo drive home I felt my head get foggier and foggier and by Monday I was down for the count with a bad cold. Lots of rest and hot water with ginger and lemon have been my go-to. I’m also filling up on fresh chicken and veggie soup.

I’m hoping to feel up to start my running and some yoga this weekend!

Have you tried indoor surfing?

Do you still workout when you have a cold?

What is you go-to cold busting secret?

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