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Hello dear readers! Besides my Friday Fitness Recaps you may have noticed a lack of posts this month. January is always my most boring month. I spend way too much in December on adventures that I have to reel it in for a month or two to get caught up and I hate it!

But on top of that my schedule this semester is pretty insane. Between 8/9- 4:30 p.m. I am in classes, working, coaching, or helping in an elementary classroom (my intro to education course). And while I like what I’m doing, all this combined with homework, trying to run, yoga, and lift (and curl once a week), household maintenances, husband time, time with step kids, visiting grandparents, errands and time with friends my schedule is absolutely swamped. It took me three days to write this post!

Now this isn’t a “I’m so busy and important” brag- I know I am balancing way too much and should cut a few things but what can I cut? I have to attend all my classes and do homework, I have to work to help pay bills, I guess I don’t have to coach acro gymnastics once a week for a couple hours but I’m getting paid and I love it. The thing that has been taking a back seat has been friends and workouts and I’ve been trying to combine them (yoga and walking dates for the win)!


I’m not feeling too stressed or overwhelmed (yet) but my blogging and social media time has taken a little hit to ensure everything else is taken care of on time. I’m not throwing in the towel or anything just scaling back a bit.

I did have a good breather on Sunday morning when Ryan and I took the dogs out in the snow for a  walk. Whenever I feel stress or anxiety coming on, a little time outdoor always makes me feel better.

Do you balance a lot of different commitments? Any life organization tips for me?

How do you scale back when you want to do everything!?!


  • Charlotte January 27, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Wow! Good for you for keeping it all together. One tip that helps me when I’m extra busy (work, night class, household chores, workouts) is pre-cooking meals ahead of time to free up my evenings.

  • Mentally Tough - Betty Livin March 7, 2016 at 7:31 am

    […] As I’ve said before, I’m pretty overwhelmed this semester with a heavy homework load, class schedule (so many group projects) and working two part time jobs. Oh- and running errands, preparing meals, cleaning my house, spending time with my grandparents, trying to fit in a workout, blogging, having step kids every other weekend and trying to spend a minute or two with Ryan. […]


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