What are the statistics on New Years Resolutions to get fit? I’m pretty sure it’s something like 80% of people who set resolutions have given them up by mid-February? I know that gym regulars often look forward to this time of year when the New Year’s Resolutioners start to trickle off and our classes empty out as bit and we can get our favourite treadmills again. But this is a really bad thing!



The problem with New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or get fit is that the person goes from 0-60 in one day. You can’t all of a sudden wake up at 5 am every morning to work out. You can’t go from years of inactivity to hitting the gym 5 days a week and lifting weights and running. And speaking of which- why is it that people always think they have to lift weights and run to get in shape?3c75565127e9274952b2245f63598294

When I am asked for advice for someone who wants to get fit but “hates working out” I always say the same thing- find something you love. I don’t know where we got it into our heads that we have to run or lift to get healthy? Because there are so many other options, including one of my favourite- classes!

See, I have a membership to the University gym but I still go to Goodlife because I love the classes. My mom swears by Les Mills classes such as BodyPump and BodyAttack.

Q1 2015 A0 Portrait BODYPUMP

Goodlife offers SO many different cardio and strength classes depending on your location. The Goodlife Women’s in Lethbridge offers:

  • Bodypump– A fave amongst my blogger friends this strength training class makes weight lifting fun and¬†kicks your butt!
  • BodyAttack- This one is my moms favourite- it’s an intense cardio class that gets the heart pumping
  • BodyStep– My mom does this one as well because it’s another great cardio option. I danced around like an idiot when I couldn’t get the choreography. Ha ha!
  • Bodycombat– A mixed martial arts inspired class this is a high energy cardio class
  • Bodyflow– This is a yoga, tai chi, pilates like class
  • CXWorks- This is a great 30 minute ab workout
  • Newbody– I’ve never tried this one, they say it’s a low impact conditioning class

Sounds like a lot of options but my Goodlife is actually a smaller gym, the bigger ones offer even more!

So don’t give up on that resolution just yet. Just stop trying to do a workout you hate and find one that you’ll love!

Dont join Globogym, join Goodlife! Ha ha ha!

Don’t join Globogym, join Goodlife! Ha ha ha!

Disclaimer: I am a Goodlife Ambassador but my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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