Usually I do a recap of my workouts from the week on Friday’s but I have done little to no workouts in the past two weeks and I’m trying to be nice to myself about it. See, last week I worked at a Reading Week Camp full time coaching 30-40 kids between the ages of 6-11. It was so much fun but draining and I came home to a couple hours of homework each night. Workouts last week did not happen.


Saturday- I went out for a run and only did a slow 2 miles because the wind was so cold that it burned my face and I wound up walking the last mile covering my face with my hands.

Sunday- Ryan and I did an easy 5km hike to Bertha Bay¬†which was great but it wasn’t a hard hike.

But I just went another school week without a workout. I didn’t even have any gym classes because of exams and class time.

Thursday- We had a curling game but quit early because we were losing so bad (13-0)

The Moonlight Run 10k is in two weeks and after two weeks of no training I’m freaking out just a little bit. But if I’ve learned anything in my 31 years of living is that sometimes life gets in the way and there’s no point in beating myself up about it. I just need to schedule my workouts around school, work, and homework next week and look forward instead of backward.

No point in dwelling on it- just have to plan next weeks workouts!

No point in dwelling on it- just have to plan next weeks workouts!

What do you do when you fall into a bit of a rut?

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