Hello friends! I was debating whether to post because my workouts have been dismal this week with everything that was going on. But life gets in the way, workouts fall to the wayside and it’s good to share that with each other.

Been living like a Gilmore lately.

Been living like a Gilmore lately.

Only two more weeks of classes and I will be working part time and taking one course over the summer! I can’t wait for all the good times I’ll have!

Friday- Waterpark

Does running up the stairs to the top of the waterslide for an hour and a half count as a workout? Ha ha!

Saturday& Sunday – Nothing

Monday- 20 minute walk

I planned a long walk on the beach with my dogs but I didn’t expect the weather to be so cold. I had to turn around after 10 minutes to make it a 20 minute walk total.


Tuesday- 6km walk- twice around Henderson Lake

I love long walks and catching up with my girlfriends!

Wednesday- Lacrosse & Handball

I’ll be sad when all my PE classes are over! Who will I play games with then? Adults just don’t play like they used to.

Thursday- Nothing

I had Bodypump at Goodlife scheduled Thursday but after a professor gave us huge assignment due next Tuesday I had a near melt down and went straight home to spend 4 hours on it.

I need to hit a hot yoga class. I find when I get in at least one class a week, my energy levels are high and I workout the rest of the week.

Also exciting- I will be running the 10k in the inaugural Jasper Half Marathon on Saturday, April 16! What an amazing way to celebrate the end of a tough semester! Ryan and I will be heading up and making a weekend out of it. I’ll write more about that over the weekend!


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