I have been mentally exhausted balancing school work, student teaching, two part time jobs and squeezing in workouts. By 3 p.m. there isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake my brain up and over the course of this past year I’ve discussed struggling with maintaining my energy and focus for a full day. A nootropics company called TruBrain approached me and offered to let me try their products to see if it helped me. See the end of this post for information on a 15% discount!

Nootropics (new` tro` picks) are a category of nutrients that improve cognitive function. TruBrain was developed by neuroscientists and comes in three forms, drinks, capsules, and coffee/focus sticks. I made a joke that I wanted to try all three and the company sent them along!


So far, I have tried the coffee with focus sticks and the drinks, I haven’t had a chance to try the capsules yet so that will review will come later.

brüd Performance Coffee

Oh my ‘lanta how I love fresh coffee! The package comes with 12 oz. of brüd premium coffee beans and 20 focus sticks, The focus sticks contain L-Theanine which has been shown to improve cognitive performance and increase subjective alertness and Alpha-GPC which is a premium source of choline which helps with focus and memory.

The coffee beans have a great, rich flavour and you can’t taste the focus sticks in them. I liked to use my french press to make a big pot and stick two focus sticks in there.



These drinks are PACKED with focus enhancing ingredients; Oxiracetam + Piracetam for focus and concentration, Caffeine + L-Theanine for alertness and synergy, and Uridine + Centrophenoxine for cognition and memory. There is a caffeine free option available.

The drinks also contain nutrients such as; Magnesium + Tyrosine for stress reduction and vigilance, and Carnitine + Citicoline for neural energy and mood.

Now, they say you can put the drinks into an existing drink or drink it straight up but let me show you my experience trying to drink it straight up.


Funny right? Anyway, I just started putting the drink into my morning smoothies or a drink instead and it was easy street.




I can honestly say I noticed a difference in my energy and focus levels. I found I didn’t feel as overwhelmed, my workload seemed more manageable and I started popping up at 6 am ready to go and start the day. Because TruBrain sent me so much I still have a half a case of drinks and a full case of capsules to try and review!

Right now they are doing a 10 day challenge where you get 10 days worth of supply for only $19 in order to see the difference in your focus and energy.

Trubrain is offering Betty LIVIN readers a 15% discount! Use the discount code TBWAS230 at checkout.

Check out their website today!


Disclaimer: TruBrain did send me their range of products for free in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I wouldn’t recommend these products if I hadn’t noticed a difference but I definitely did. 

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