I missed last week’s Friday Fitness because I forgot to bring my laptop with me to Seattle- whoops! So today I will be recapping the last two weeks which is easy since there hasn’t been a lot because of all my travelling. (Nice excuse eh?)

Friday, April 15- Nothing

Saturday, April 16- 2 mile walk, 10k race, 4 mile hike


Sunday, April 17- 4 mile hike

Monday, April 18- Nothing

Tuesday, April 19- Golf


Wednesday, April 20- Nothing

Thursday, April 21- Nothing

Friday, April 22- BodyAttack

My mom attends her Les Mills classes religiously five times a week and so we hit BodyAttack before starting our day on Friday. She said she noticed I was in much better shape now than I was in December when I went with her.

Saturday, April 23- About two hours of backyard volleyball

I need to set up a backyard volleyball court because all Laura’s party guests had a blast playing!


Sunday, April 24- About an hour of walking around Seattle Centre

Monday, April 25- Nothing

Tuesday, April 26- Nothing

Wednesday- April 27- Nothing

Thursday, April 28- Nothing

Needless to say I am antsy! My legs are jittery and I’m not sleeping as well as normal. I have the day off today so I’m taking the boys out for a much needed run shortly. They’re pretty hyper too.

How was your week of workouts?

Any travellers out there who can give tips on squeezing in a workout when you’re in a car for 10 hours?

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