Friday- 2 mile run with the dogs

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- Yoga at the Park

I am loving Pop Up Yoga’s Sunday classes and Vinyasa Flow in the park was an amazing way to spend a warm Sunday morning!

I'm in the blue shirt on the left. :)

I’m in the blue shirt on the left. 🙂

Monday- Nothing

I have to readjust to life in an office. This summer I’ll be spending Monday & Wednesday’s at work doing a full 9-4:30 pm day. Even though I love the work it’s difficult to sit for that long.

Tuesday- 4 mile run with the dogs

The weather is nice and I have more time off so I’ve been enjoying being able to get out and get running with my boys!


Wednesday- Golf with Ryan


Thursday- Hill Repeats Run

I want to be prepared for the seawall at Seawheeze and so I want to make sure hill repeats are part of my weekly training. Man those hills KILLED!



If you read my post Thursday you know that I have been deeply affected emotionally by the Fort McMurray fires. I feel so helpless this far south and unable to help so I have been utilizing social media to spread the word about the need for Red Cross donations. Social media can be a great thing in emergencies, giving you up to the minutes update, sharing what the people are going through, and raising funds but it has it’s downsides too and that is the spread of hate and negativity.

Society has gotten so negative about, well, everything! And to talk to many people you would think our world is going to the dogs. But when disaster strikes people step up and the Fort McMurray fires have shown how great our society is.

– The tireless efforts of firefighters who are napping on front lawns in between extremely long shifts
– $11 million in private donations to Red Cross already
– private citizens driving from Edmonton and giving gas, food and water to evacuees who were stranded on the side of the road
– firefighters coming from Mexico to help
– help coming from Syrian Refugees
– people opening up their homes and taking evacuees in

And the list goes on and on!

People on social media want to bitch about the small things (Trudeau’s “May the 4th be with you” before his address, how long it took Notley to declare a state of emergency, etc.) and horrible, unfeeling people like to say this is “karma” for the oil sands causing climate change. But what good does that negativity do for anyone?

I’m a Pollyanna- I choose to focus on the many, many, many positive things about our world.

You get what you put out in this world so put out positivity and love!


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