A week has already gone by since I started the Bikini Ready Challenge so let’s talk about it!

Energy I have way more natural energy than normal. I swapped out my morning pick me up coffee with the bloat banisher drink and it wakes me up just as good as the coffee did! Because their meal plan has us eating throughout the day it maintains our blood sugar levels which is probably why I feel so great. I think also not eating junk food is making a big difference.


Bye! Bye! Sugar cravings– I thought this was going to be my biggest problem because I have a sugar addiction. Almost every night I need a sweet and I either get candy or eat fruit to satisfy it. Alyssa suggested tea or munching on veggies if I feel hungry at night but to stay away from fruit because the sugar will spike my blood sugar levels. It’s only been a week, so who knows maybe I’ll get struck with PMS this month and cave but so far so good.

Coffee not required but still desired– Like I said, the bloat banisher wakes me up first thing in the morning just as much as coffee does and I did have a couple days where I didn’t drink coffee at all (the caffeine headache on the first day was horrendous). But I like coffee! I like the taste, I like the little boost it gives me so I’m down to 1-2 cups (down from 6-7).

Missing fruit- This has been the negative part of this program. In order to maintain steady blood sugar levels there is little fruit besides in smoothies or berries in oatmeal and I am jonesing for watermelon, mangoes, and pineapple! I know it’s a good thing but when the challenge is over I will be going back to snacking on fruit like a fiend, I’ll just make sure to not eat any after supper.

Getting to know my kitchen– Holy crap I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in the kitchen! If I’m not prepping early in the week, I’m concocting smoothies, squeezing lemons, or making sure I have everything I need for the next batch of food to cook. I’ve tried prepping as much as possible by freezing meals, snacks and smoothies but my kitchen and I are becoming very well acquainted. Ryan loves it because I figure while I’m there I may as well make him dinner!


Support group– I love Claudia & Alyssa! They radiate so much positivity and at our 1st weekly call in it was fun to talk about how things were going, ask questions and get advice.


Weight- 156 down from 160

Measurements– The only difference this week was an inch off my hips but I’ll take it!!

If this challenge has piqued your interest go check out their website because I know they’re doing another one in July.


  • Jo @ Living Mint Green June 9, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Ooohhh tell me more about this bloat buster beverage. I’m glad to hear you’re beating the sugar demon! It’s a tough one, hey? I HATE the feeling of something having control over me, and there’s definitely been times where I couldn’t get off the salty-sweet train. Like, always needing to “balance” my meals out with something sweet afterwards. The worst.

    • Betty Livin June 10, 2016 at 8:29 am

      It’s amazing how good I feel to be in control! I don’t NEED sugar every night or coffee every morning (though I like it every other morning or so for the taste) and I never thought that was possible. So here’s hoping I can stick with it for three more weeks. 🙂


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