Friday Fitness Recap- June 10

Man are the weeks flying by! How is it Friday already? I’ve been so busy with work and school (paper writing and chapter reading) that my days are flying by.I’ve been running in the mornings to beat the heat and have been good at sticking to my runs because they’re part of my plan, but I really need to fit in more yoga and strength training!

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 4 mile run

I don’t know what was up with my run on Saturday. I went into it thinking “only 4 miles- yeah!” and this run kicked my ass. I couldn’t pick up my legs and ran an average 12 min/mile. I don’t know if it was the heat, the fact that I’m no good at morning workouts or I didn’t eat enough first but it was just as hard as my 6-miler last Saturday. Oh running- when will you and I click?



Sunday- 20 minute run

Another day of heavy legs.

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 35 minute easy run

Today’s run also resulted in my plodding along and I started to wonder if maybe my new eating plan was messing with my energy levels or cutting out coffee was making me run slower. But talking to Cat, she too is having issues and I think it’s our bodies adjusting to the heat. I hope that’s what it is anyway!

IMG_5834 (1)

Wednesday-1.5 mile easy walk

I love when work requires me to go on walks! I’m mapping out walking areas around campus this summer and went out for a stroll around the water reservoir.

Pretty view

Pretty view

Thursday- 25 minute run with 6X30 second fast strides

I love stride day! Sprinting is legit my favourite thing and for the first four strides I was really hauling, after the fourth….. not so much. Ever notice how much longer it takes to recover from a stride workout than a steady run? I kept on sweating for at least 10 minutes after I was finished my cool-down, making me look great when I pooped into the grocery store and postal office n my way home.


And to wrap up this week let me announce that I’m officially an Aunty!!!! My brother and his wife Lauren had a baby boy and it’s amazing how you can love a baby just from pictures. I personally love the photos where he gives “the stink eye.”


How was your week of workouts?

Do you find the heat affects your body?

Any tips for speeding back up a little on my runs?

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  • Kris @ Canadian Girl Runs June 10, 2016 at 9:34 am

    Adjusting to warm runs is SO hard. Good for you for running so often though, I only got in one run this week!! Have a lovely weekend Rachel!


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