Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the slightly rebranded Better LIVIN! I have been thinking about rebranding for almost a year now and I started to change to Alberta Mountain Gal (like most of my social media handles) but every time I was ready to pull the trigger some sort of doubt stopped me. Then out of the blue it occurred to me that rebranding as a mountain girl doesn’t make sense when this blog is about so much more than my hiking now. Better LIVIN popped into my head and it felt so good that I rolled with it. Someone else owns betterlivin.com but because this is a Canadian site I was able to switch to betterlivin.ca.

You’ll still able to find me using the old URL. At least for the next year, who knows what next summer will bring. But just to be safe, if you use Feedly or Bloglovin maybe you should update the url.

When it comes to social media, I’m going to try and change what I can right now but if I run into hiccups I’ll wait and leave some of my accounts as is.

Thank god for Fiverr! Have you used this website yet? If not- get on it immediately! It’s people selling cheap services for $5/pop USD. I got the new logo for $5 and had someone do all the domain changing, back end stuff that I’m clueless on for $15. Amazing right?!?!

As part of the rebrand I want to find out more about you guys and what it is you want to see from me!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below to help me create interesting posts that you want to read.
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