I’m happy it’s Friday but I cannot wait until next Friday because I’ll be in SLC snuggling THIS guy!!


Anyway, let’s talk about my week of workouts.

Friday- Power 60 Yin 30

I think this class is harder than Bikram! Part of the reason is they change the poses so you never know what to expect and man did we do a lot of chaturangas! The sweat was pouring off me. And then to end a heart-pounding sweaty session with yin was incredible. I think this needs to become a weekly tradition this summer!

Saturday- Recover from yoga

I had a long run scheduled but I was so unbelievably sore from yoga I opted to take a rest day instead.

Sunday- 7 mile Run

I was so happy with this run! I had been dreading it. It took me an hour to get myself out the door but once I started I got into a good rhythm. I didn’t look at my pace, I let myself go as slow as I wanted, all that mattered to me was getting in the distance.


Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 35 minute easy run

An easy run in the rain. I thought I would still be dead from my long run on Sunday but I felt great and ran along in the shower.


Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- 35 minutes- 3X 60 second strides

I was never a very good 400m runner and 60 seconds is about what a high school runner would do. I miss the 30 second strides! Ha ha ha. My legs have felt great all week! They feel lighter than normal and I’m crediting some of that to a bit of weight loss from my participation in the Bikini Ready Challenge.


There was my awesome week. Like I said, I am counting down the days until SLC though. Not only for baby snuggles, but for family time and some hiking time!! Me and those Wasatch mountains have some bonding to do. 🙂

On a really random side note, do you know what sucks about not being upper class? I never have anywhere to go that is formal! Even weddings are semi-formal affairs. I fell in love with this gown while window shopping with my cousin yesterday and I was dying for a reason/event to buy it! Someone invite me to a ball so I can go back and get it!


Anyone have suggestions for good half day hikes near SLC?

Helena, MT is about half way- anyone know of a good trail I could run on during my road trip?


  • Jo @ Living Mint Green June 17, 2016 at 9:37 am

    Oh my, that dress is absolutely ADORABLE on you. Look how happy you look!! 🙂

    • Betty Livin June 17, 2016 at 10:14 am

      I danced around the store in it. Ha ha ha ha!

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    […] 3×60 sec strides with 2min jog recovery. BLAH! Take me back to the 6x30sec strides. My friend Rachel agrees with me. hahah. I brought the kids along for my run down in the river bottom, so my time was […]


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