I can’t believe I only have a week left of the Bikini Ready Challenge! This third week has been interesting because it’s feeling like a routine but at the same time I had my first slip up. PLUS- I am heading off on a 12 hour road trip to Salt Lake City today for five days to visit my family and see my nephew Liam for the first time so I’m nervous about sticking with it.

Getting routine- As I said, this is feeling less like a challenge as I get into the routine of meal planning before shopping and meal prepping on Sunday or Monday. I make Ryan taste everything and I’m taking note of the meals he’s willing to eat so when this challenge is over I can make them part of out regular eating routine.


My first slip up– I have been so f***ing proud of myself and how disciplined I’ve been during this challenge. However, I did have a small slip up on Tuesday while in Waterton with Cat and her kids. We hiked Bear’s Hump and though I brought a protein bar for my midday snack Weiners of Waterton sweet potato fries were calling my name and I answered. I won’t beat myself up over it or anything and I did feel really gross after, fries on an empty stomach are no bueno.

Travelling– Like I said I’m heading to SLC for a visit with the family and I’m worried about sticking with is because my family is a family of eaters! Ryan even commented once that whenever we get together all we do is go out to restaurants. We love to go out to restaurants and laugh and visit over good food and then at home we snack on fruit and candy.  Watch for next Thursday’s update as to how I managed.

Come on weight!– The first week I saw dramatic results and dropped 7 pounds in the one week. This makes sense considering prior to this I ate whatever I felt like, including a lot of sugar. But in Week 2 I lost 3 pounds and week 3 I’ve lost no pounds. Boo! I know these things take time though so I’ll just stick with it.

A little difference in the photos- I finally saw a difference in my photos from the start to now! I’m losing weight off my hips and it’s noticeable from the back. Yeah!



Weight- 153lbs- Total loss 0 lbs

Measurements– Week 3- Lost 1 inch from my waist!

Total inches lost- 1.5 from the waist, 1 inch from hips.

If you want to get Bikini Ready, and honestly, it’s not about looks it’s about feeling good, Alyssa & Claudia will be doing this challenge again in July & anyone can sign up early here! http://alyssacoleman.ca/bikini/

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