Hello and Happy Friday! I am pre-scheduling this Thursday morning because I am on a mini vacay in SLC visiting my brother & sister in law and my brand new nephew!!!

Guess what? I’m done! I’m done my summer history class and I have my evenings and weekends completely free again! YEAH!

Friday- Hot Yoga- Power 60, Yin 30

If you live in Lethbridge you have to take this class. The power yoga is so challenging and really gets your arms burning but then you get to spend 30 minutes slowing down and stretching out with yin. It’s amazing.

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- 8 miles long run

UGH! This was such a bad run! The wind was howling and I moved slower than ever. Unlike last weeks 7 miles when I zipped along, this run took a lot of grit to not cut short.

Yikes! The only picture I took all week.

Yikes! The only picture I took all week.

Monday- 30 minute run

I have learned that heat and I don’t pair too well in running. It was a HOT evening when I squeezed in an easy 30 minutes between work and class

Tuesday- Hike up Bears Hump- 1.8miles

Did a slow and easy trek up Bears Hump with Cat and her kids.

Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- SCHEDULED- 30 minute run with 4 X 60 second strides

I am planning to get in my run halfway through my road trip, likely in Helena, Montana. But you know how you can get on long drives, you just want to get to your destination. So we’ll see if I get it done.

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