We’re actually more than halfway through 2016 now- how is that possible?!?  I realized  I haven’t done a halfway check in of my 2016 goals so it was time to revisit that post. My goal was to streamline- to make life as simple and uncomplicated as I could.


I have yet to do any focused dog training and I really need to! We’ve spent the first part of this summer yelling at them for barking, for jumping on people and I even stopped taking them on my runs with me regularly because they would run away or run in front of me and trip me. Sadly, this is an area I kind of forgot about that I need to revisit!

He's so cute but such a pain in the butt!

He’s so cute but such a pain in the butt!


My goal was to automate my bill payments and create a budget. I got the budget going and had payments coming out for things I didn’t know about (life insurance, bank fees, etc.) so getting a handle on ALL expenses really helped. We haven’t automated our bill payments because as hourly workers we can’t guarantee we’ll have the funds to pay the bill on the day it’s due. We still have a little bit of work to do.


The Bikini Ready Challenge turned me into a meal planning, cooking machine! I think I’ve spent more time in the kitchen in the month of June that I have the entire rest of 2016! I’m hoping when the challenge is over that I can keep at it with meal planning and prepping because I feel so great eating such a clean diet.



I’ve been working away at this slowly but surely, I cleaned out my dresser and my closet big time! I had things that I haven’t worn in a couple years taking up space in my little closet so off they went. A few items that had some value I posted on eBay and have made a tiny bit of cash (like $30) off items I would have donated otherwise. I packed away most of my books into my shed, I couldn’t part with them, so when we one day have a slightly larger home I can install some shelves and have all my books within easy reach. I still need to install shelves and hooks to better organize the items I’m keeping but the 2016 declutter has been going pretty well (minus the kids room).


I wanted to start doing more in the line of dates with Ryan and we’ve stepped it up a little. We plan a weekly date night but only 1 in 4 ever happens. Ha ha! It’s hard because we live 30 minutes away from the city and both drive in every day for work/school so when we get home the last thing we want to do is drive back to where we just came from. We’ll keep working on it and eventually we’ll get to a weekly date night that sticks.



Any dog training tips are VERY VERY welcome! Particularly with their barking! And jumping on people. And begging. And pulling on the leash until my arms tears off. Yeesh I’m in for it.

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  • Cat June 26, 2016 at 9:40 am

    I was just thinking about my resolutions yesterday on my run yesterday. Keep it up, and when let me know if you get any good dog advice.


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