It’s getting to crunch time for Seawheeze, we’re one month out- ah!!! After only doing one run last week I was determined to stick to my training schedule this week. I did that and I paid for it on Wednesday night. My body was so sore I couldn’t sleep and for the first night in years I hardly slept all night. Despite that- it’s been a good week!

Thursday-  Nothing

Friday- Girls day! Paddle boarding for a couple hours and walking through red rock canyon

Best day ever!!


Saturday- 10 miles

It’s pretty cool that every Saturday I break a new record, I run the longest distance I have ever done in my life. But when I woke up with super sore, fatigued legs after Friday’s adventures I forced myself to slog out my 10 miles. But I did it!!


Sunday- Easy 35 minute run

I haven’t been taking my dogs out running lately because they are both so misbehaved lately. They run off and don’t come when I call or chase cars/deer/birds. But with Apollo out for the summer with a torn pad I decided to hook Rocky up to my Kurgo K9 Running Belt and do an easy 35 minutes. It was funny because for the first mile Rocky was pulling hard and wanting to go, for the second mile he trotted ahead of me and left a little slack, but by the third mile that fatty was exhausted and he was walking quickly next to me.


Monday- Easy 35 minute run (should have been 40) in the rain

I planned to do a 40 minute run and end up at the ball diamonds to watch Ryan play softball on this run. Two minutes into the run the clouds opened up and I was poured on! I wound up cutting my planned 40 minute run a little short to 35 minutes and went straight into a hot shower instead.


Tuesday- Conditioning Class at Cheer

I am having a blast coaching a handful of summer camps at Extreme Cheer Sensation this year and on Tuesday evenings I’m also teaching classes. The last class of my day is a 45 minute conditioning class and I decided to work out with the kids I was coaching. It was awesome!

Wednesday-  4X 60 sec Hill strides w/ 10 min warm up and cool down

After a full day chasing kids at camp I was tempted to go home right away but I forced myself to head to Indian Battle Park to do my scheduled hill strides. I know that the Vancouver course is hilly so these runs are essential to prepare my muscles and mind!


Thursday- Nothing

I was going to do a 45 minute cross train but after a sleepless night from a sore body I opted to rest.

So there you have it, I’m really happy with the week I had and now I am off to B.C. for camping this weekend! I’m also going to have to fit in my long run. Yikes!


  • Kris @ Canadian Girl Runs July 15, 2016 at 6:46 am

    So close to Sea Wheeze! I’m excited for you!!

    • Betty Livin July 18, 2016 at 7:29 am

      Thanks Kris! I’m getting nervous but excited at the same time!

  • Jo @ Living Mint Green July 15, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Oh my gosh! Sea Wheeze is coming up so quickly. I sure wish I was joining you. Remember when you said you weren’t a distance runner?! HA!!

    • Betty Livin July 18, 2016 at 7:27 am

      I still don’t think I am! I average 12:15 min/miles- ha ha ha ha! But I’m focused on doing the distance not how long it takes me!


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